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A Fresh Green Brew From Treatt

Treatt USA, the independent flavor and fragrance specialist, has expanded its 100% natural, FTNF TreattaromeTM range with the launch of the Green Tea Treattarome 9767. Wholly distilled from green tea (Camellia sinensis), Green Tea Treattarome 9767 provides a well-rounded, full green tea flavor, with a fresh and green front end, finishing with the characteristic flavor that defines green tea.

Green Tea Treattarome 9767 is the result of extensive research and product trials. It is extracted from green tea using Treatt’s specialist, propriety technology. The freshly brewed, hay-like front end and typical green tea finish means Green Tea Treattarome 9767 can be used as the sole ingredient in ready-to-drink (RTD) tea. At lower doses it can provide a hint of green tea aroma to beverages, alcoholic drinks, dairy products and confectionery. It also lends itself to a range of fragrance applications, including cosmetics and perfumes.

As the tea leaves are already brewed, Green Tea Treattarome 9767 offers manufacturers major cost and time savings. It also reduces the clouding and sediment traditionally associated with RTD tea. Manufacturers also benefit from its compatibility with coloring agents, antioxidants and preservatives, and the fact that it provides easier handling than traditional tea powders.
The latest addition to the Treatt portfolio fits with the soaring popularity of green tea products amongst consumers.

Green Tea Treattarome 9767 compliments Treatt’s popular range of natural distillates, which already includes Tea Treattarome – Iced 9765, Black Tea Treattarome – Light 9760 and Black Tea Treattarome – Brewed 9761.

Treatt plc is a world-leading independent ingredients supplier to the flavor and fragrance industries. It manufactures and supplies a vast inventory of innovative products, including essential oils and their natural fractions, and aromatic chemicals.

For further information, please contact: Steve Shelton, Treatt USA Inc.,
4900 Lakeland Commerce Parkway, Lakeland, FL 33805, USA.
Tel: +1 863 668 9500 Fax: +1 863 668 3388
E-mail: Or visit:

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