Natural Omega Oils: Equateq's Crystalpure Range Launched

Customers in the Omega oils sector can now use concentrates that are truly natural and highly bioavailable, with the launch of Equateq’s Crystalpure™, a unique range of fatty acids that have been enriched using low-temperature crystallisation, the company announced Wednesday.

The method employed only by Equateq at its plant in the Western Isles of Scotland offers a real alternative to other methods of concentration, which typically result in synthetic forms of fatty acid, such as ethyl ester or reconstituted triglyceride. Several countries – among them Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Australia, Japan, South Korea – forbid the use of such forms. So Crystalpure™ offers a real alternative for those who want concentrated oils that are still in real natural form.

Equateq’s Crystallisation method involves using selected low temperatures to turn saturates and mono-unsaturates into crystals, allowing the physical separation of the polyunsaturated stream. So if Equateq is splitting fish oils, they can deliver a concentrated stream of more than 50% omega-3 triglyceride, with specific enrichments of such fatty acids as EPA or DHA. Crystalpure™ can be used on any omega oil feedstock: marine, botanical or algal.

‘It is a very elegant method of enrichment, as using low temperatures and gentle processing conditions is very sympathetic to long chain fatty acids, which are usually prone to instability and oxidation,’ said Equateq CEO Adam Kelliher. ‘So we are essentially extracting the most desirable part of an omega oil, which we believe will maximise the possible health benefits.’

Kelliher said Crystalpure™ has great potential for the food sector, which can use the enriched oils to deliver a higher loading of omega-3 PUFAs . Once deodorised, Crystalpure™ oils are palatable, odourless and very stable, and can be converted into other presentations, such as powders and emulsions. He also said the oils were well-suited for any nutraceutical companies that placed importance on their natural credentials.

Equateq is presenting the Crystalpure™ range at Vitafoods (stand 100), and will be highlighting its 50% omega-3 range, comprising EPA30, DHA35, 27/15 (fractionated 18/12), as well as a Crystalpure™ Cod Liver Oil. In botanical oils, a GLA40 and an SDA20 are also on offer. Equateq can also make bespoke blends based on customer requirement.

All production at Equateq’s facility is cGMP, and the Crystalpure™ range reflects work in fractionation that has been ongoing since the 1980’s. Equateq can also make commercial quantities of up to 99% purity of most of the fatty acids in the omega-3 and -6 cascades. These super-pure lipids can be used as APIs for the pharmaceutical sector, and the company is actively looking at ways to use specific lipid compounds for particular medical conditions.

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