Red Clover/ Soy Bean / Puerariae Extract ------Naturail Isoflavones Series

Red Clover/ Soy Bean / Puerariae Extract ------Naturail Isoflavones Series

Natural extracted Isoflavones series belongs to natural phyto-estrogen family, which is widely used to prevent breast cancer , prostate cancer , colon cancer , improve osteoporosis & women’s menopause symptom . They became a kind of popular natural functional food ingredients while be widely use in clinic more and more. Natural Isoflavones series including : Red Clover Isoflavones , Soy Bean Isoflavones , Puerariae Isoflavones , etc.

1, Red Clover Extract Isoflavones Latin Name : Trifolium pratense L.
CAS # : [977150-97-2] Plant Part Used: Aerial Part
Red Clover Extract Isoflavones specifications:

2,Soy Bean Extract Isoflavones Latin Name : Glycine max.
CAS# : [574-12-9] Plant Part Used: Meal & Sprout
Soy Bean Extract Isoflavones specifications:

3, Puerariae Extract Isoflavones Latin Name : Kudzuvine Root
CAS# : [3681-99-0] Plant Part Used: Root
Puerariae Extract Isoflavones specifications:

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