XanGo Announces "Formula X51"

Today XanGo released to its distributors the first pre-production run of a new product, code-named Formula X51. Just six weeks away, anticipation is building for the official launch of XanGo, LLC's latest innovation: a patent-pending dietary supplement formulated to restore natural, youthful vigor. Decreased stress, improved mood, increased energy and enhanced sleep quality are all key components of vigor.

"This proprietary botanical blend is a complement to XanGo(R) Juice and a natural, strategic extension of our business. We're proud to take the lead again, just like we did in 2002 when we brought the benefits of mangosteen to the global market with XanGo Juice," said XanGo CEO Robert Conlee.

Our modern lifestyle is fast-paced, confronted by continual change and full of demands, pressure and stress - fueling an $80 billion industry of sleep aids, energy drinks and other drugs and stimulants. In contrast, XanGo will provide a natural, long-lasting solution. Because XanGo has already conducted pre-market exclusive trials, with great reviews and significant results, excitement is mounting for the product's official launch.

On September 5, 2009, XanGo will unveil the product's official name and make it available to the public through XanGo, LLC's global network of 1 million independent distributors. To locate a distributor near you, visit www.xango.com.

About XanGo, LLC

A global nutrition company, XanGo, LLC is a recognized leader in health and wellness products. Now expanding into a wider range of botanicals, XanGo, LLC was the first company to market a premium mangosteen beverage, XanGo(R) Juice, to consumers worldwide. Its roster of premium, functional products now includes 3SIXTY5(TM), a whole food nutrition multi-vitamin, Glimpse(R) Topical Skin Nutrition and the forthcoming product. XanGo is privately-owned and powered by a global network of 1 million independent distributors in the U.S. and approaching 30 international markets such as Canada, Mexico, Japan, Germany and Malaysia. For details, visit www.xango.com.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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