Maxx Performance Introduces a Solution for Adding Green Tea Extract to Baked Goods Without Compromising Flavor

Maxx Performance, the leading provider of microencapsulation solution technologies, recently introduced a solution that allows manufacturers to add green tea extract to baked goods and other formulations without compromising flavor. This innovative application of microencapsulates comes in response to the growing demand by consumers for healthful, antioxidant-rich, yet indulgent, products.

According to the upstate New York-based company, the health benefits of green tea extract are well documented. As the least processed antioxidant, it provides the most polyphenols—most notably, a catechin called epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG), which is believed to be responsible for most of the healthful properties associated with this botanical. However, the inclusion of these polyphenols often results in a negative effect on product flavor.

"Polyphenols are usually known for their bitter aftertaste," said Winston Samuel, CEO of Maxx Performance. “As a result, most manufacturers have had to resort to expensive dairy products and other sweeteners to mask the bitter taste of the polyphenols in their breads, scones and cakes, for example. The challenge for us became clear.”

Responding to the need for a better way to incorporate green tea extract into baked goods, Maxx Performance turned to micro-encapsulation. By coating the green tea extract (46% EGCG, 98% total polyphenols, 82% catechins) with a thin, tasteless film of vegetable food-grade material, the company delivers a tasteless, free-flowing powder that can be used successfully in bakery products, nutrient bars, soft chews, powdered mixes and many other applications.

“Thanks to microencapsulation, bitter taste no longer poses a problem,” added Samuels. “Now Maxx Performance offers the means to deliver antioxidant blends containing polyphenols that offer great taste in the final bakery product."

Maxx Performance will be on hand at this year’s IFT to demonstrate the ability of microencapsulation to mask the bitter taste of green tea extract and caffeine – and deliver their benefits in finished goods applications. To reserve a meeting, and get samples of caffeine- and green tea extract-fortified baked goods, sign up here.

About Maxx Performance
Maxx Performance is the leading provider of microencapsulation technologies that help manufacturers overcome application and processing challenges, optimize product delivery and improve time-to-market. The company’s solutions help manufacturers mask taste and off odors, extend shelf life and product preservation, prevent premature reactions and interactions, enhance flavor, texture and quality and control the release of ingredients both in humans and in animals. Maxx Performance technologies are primarily used in the manufacture of supplements, baked goods, confectionary goods and meat products, as well as feed applications for the delivery of nutrients in animal health and nutrition including dairy, companion animals and aquaculture.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Winston Samuels Tel: 845.987.9432
Maxx Performance Inc. Email: [email protected]
P.O. Box 711 Web:
Chester, NY 10918

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