Ingredients Manufacturer Goes Small

In an industry that is focused on the development of new and exciting ideas to achieve growth, Taura Natural Ingredients are showing the world that less can be more. The new ‘Mini Fruit Bits’ deliver taste, texture and goodness of real fruit – but now in extra small sizes.

Mattias Van Uffelen, sales manager for Europe, explains the rational behind such a move, “Based on market feedback from the world of chocolate and dry biscuits, we knew we needed a solution that enables real fruit inclusions to be completely enclosed in chocolate tablets or thin biscuits.”

Specifically developed for rotary moulded biscuits, chocolate moulding or as a visible sprinkle on cookies and snack bars, Taura’s ‘Mini Fruit Bits’ not only look good, but they taste great too.

‘Mini Fruit Bits’ are the smallest dice size available from Taura. At just 3x3x2mm in size manufacturers are now able to add high fruit content pieces to a wider variety of products.

Designed for ease of processing, the new ‘mini’ size will ensure even product distribution throughout finished products and deliver a fresh, fruity burst with every mouthful.

‘Mini Fruit Bits’ feature all the benefits of Ultra Rapid Concentration (URC®) process including formulation flexibility, product functionality and retention of natural fruit goodness.

Taura’s URC® fruit products offer high fruit content, low water activity and bake-stable ingredients to manufacturers developing healthy and delicious consumer snacks. The URC® range of real fruit pieces, flakes and pastes are providing on-trend ingredient solutions and driving category growth for Taura’s clients worldwide.

Meet the European based sales team at booth #8c55, Food Ingredients Europe, 17-19 November 2009, Cologne.

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