Bioriginal launches BioFlaxElite™ with Cranberry

Leading essential fatty acid (EFA) solutions provider, Bioriginal, is gearing up for the global roll-out of its new flax-based product, BioFlaxElite™ with Cranberry. A powerful combination of premium quality milled organic flaxseeds and cranberries, the formula will allow Bioriginal’s customers to offer two well-recognized ingredients in one easy-to-use supplement. With increasing recognition of the health advantages of flax and cranberry, the new product is set to be a hit with dietary supplement manufacturers and consumers alike for general health and urinary tract health.

Flaxseeds are one of the best vegetable sources for the omega-3 fat alpha linolenic acid (ALA), which has long been recognized for its potent health benefits. Ongoing studies indicate the important role it plays in promoting heart health, maintaining good skin and joint function and supporting the immune system. The dietary fiber naturally available in flaxseed also offers improved bowel regularity and increased satiety (feeling of fullness), while aiding in the maintenance of normal blood glucose and cholesterol levels.

The cranberry’s health potential is widely recognized thanks to an array of clinical trials that highlight its strong antioxidant and anti-adhesion properties. The proanthocyanidins (PACs) present in the cranberry have been shown to reduce the adherence of E.coli bacteria to the urinary tract walls by as much as 75 per cent, helping to prevent urinary tract infections (UTIs) . Statistics have shown that UTIs are among the most common reasons patients seek medical care and it is estimated that 10 per cent of all humans will have a UTI at some point during their lives.

Adrian Hughes, director new business and technical support at Bioriginal, said: ‘Consumers are becoming more sophisticated in the supplement choices they make. In combining two important ingredients such as flax and cranberry, consumers can be offered multiple, complementary benefits in one easy-to-use supplement. With the prevalence of urinary tract infections throughout the world, cranberry was an obvious choice. Other combinations are already being developed.’

BioFlaxElite™ with Cranberry is available in turnkey packaging of vacuum-sealed foil bags in various sizes. It will be showcased at Bioriginal’s booth (stand 845) at Vitafoods 2006, Geneva, Switzerland, May 9 – 11.

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