Solae Company, Shineway Group Unveil New Protein Plant in China

ST. LOUIS, MO, Jan 30, 2007 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) -- The Solae Company and Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group unveiled a new isolated soy protein manufacturing facility today in Luohe City, China, ceremoniously expanding a four year partnership between the world's leading soy ingredient innovator and China's largest meat processor.

The state-of-the-art building will employ 200 specialized workers who will manufacture a high-quality, dry soy protein that is in high demand. The facility allows Henan Luohe Shineway to expand its local manufacturing base while enabling the availability of higher, more functional soy proteins in China.

"As a company that delivers better ingredients for better living, we're excited to expand our partnership with Shineway," said Tony Arnold, President and Chief Executive Officer for The Solae Company. "Healthy eating and diet management will play an increasingly important role in China. Consumers will look for more convenient food forms, and value foods that deliver nutritional benefits."

"Soy protein can improve meat products' nutrition quality, and make the meat protein combined with vegetable protein perfectly," said Wan Long, president of Shineway Group. "Partnered with Solae strategically, Shineway can offer both animal protein and vegetable protein, completely meeting consumers' health and nutrition needs."
Arnold also said the new facility was built and will operate in accordance with the partners' strict values of safety, environmental stewardship and health.

"We believe that one of the best ways to show concern and value for people is by creating a workplace that is free of injuries and occupational illnesses, as well as all safety and environmental incidents," Arnold said.
Few foods have been studied for their nutritional value as thoroughly as soy. Many studies have shown that diets rich in soy protein may provide several health benefits, including a lowered risk for heart disease, help in managing weight and the prevention of certain kinds of cancer.

The Solae Company's soy protein products are complete, high-quality proteins derived from soybeans. They are used as an ingredient in a wide variety of foods, beverages and meat products that can be found in grocery stores around the world. Solae's soy protein has the same protein quality score as meat, egg and milk protein, is highly digestible and lactose-free.

About The Solae Company
The Solae Company is a food innovation and ingredient manufacturing organization, providing meat, food and beverage manufacturers across the world with better ingredients for better living(TM). Headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, with annual revenue exceeding $1 billion, the company was formed through an alliance between Bunge Limited (BG) and DuPont (DD) . For more information, visit

About Henan Luohe Shineway Industry Group
Shineway Group is a large-scale food-processing group focused on meat processing, with assets exceeding RMB 6 billion. It is the largest meat processing company in China, with 36,000 employees, 20 modernized meat processing facilities, 10,000 allied distributors and annual slaughter of two million metric tons of meat and ten million pigs. For more information, visit

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