Scientific Video Presentation Discussing the Untapped Potential of Hot Red Pepper (Capsicum) Extract Now Available

Formulators and manufacturers can now easily learn about the weight management and sports nutrition promoting properties of Capsimax(TM) Capsicum Extract, a unique hot red pepper ingredient from OmniActive Health Technologies, by viewing an scientific video presentation found on the company's Web site at .

In the video, Richard Bloomer, Ph.D., assistant professor, Department of Health and Sport Sciences at The University of Memphis discusses the untapped potential of hot red pepper (capsicum) extract; reviews capsicum extract's active and pungent principles capsaicinoids; highlights clinical study results that show capsicum’s ability to reduce human appetite levels and increase energy expenditure; explores emerging applications in weight management and sports nutrition supplements; and discusses effective methods for nutritionists to incorporate capsicum extracts into new dietary formulations at functionally effective levels.

To view this video, visit

Hot red peppers have been a universally consumed food source for centuries. Human and animal studies conducted over the past 30 years have shown that red peppers, their extracts and capsaicinoids have tremendous potential as promising and safe options for nutritional supplements aimed at regulating diet and supporting weight management programs. However to date, most industrial formulators have been unable to use conventional concentrated delivery forms of capsaicinoids due to their incompatibility with most tablet/capsule lines, and their inability to address the discomfort and compliance issues for end-users. OmniActive has developed a comprehensive line of capsicum extracts manufactured via the company’s micro- encapsulation process, the patented OmniBead(TM) beadletting technology, which delivers functionally effective levels of capsaicinoids while minimizing the oral and gastric irritation often experienced with unprotected hot red pepper product applications.

About OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc.
OmniActive Health Technologies, Inc. ( supplies a range of proprietary active ingredients and advanced delivery platforms for ingredients used in healthcare, food, and personal care applications. The company's line of hot red pepper extracts, Capsimax(TM), is available in three options: Capsimax Capsicum Extract standalone; Capsimax Plus Blend for tablet and capsule applications; and Capsimax Plus Blend Multi-colored OmniBeads for capsule applications with enhanced visual appeal. All Capsimax offerings are formulated to meet diverse formulation and manufacturing requirements and are ideal for use in nutritional supplements for weight management, diet control and sports nutrition. Capsimax Plus Blend has been clinically proven to burn 278 additional calories combined with exercise compared to placebo. The company's manufacturing facilities are certified for the quality and food safety management systems under ISO-22000(2005) and cGMP standards.

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