RFI allies with Natural Aloe

RFI allies with Natural Aloe

RFI has entered into a manufacturing, formulation and sales alliance with the manufacturer of Verapol Premium Aloe Vera Extract. 

RFI is pleased to announce that it has entered into a manufacturing, formulation and sales alliance with Natural Aloe Costa Rica (Liberia, Costa Rica), the manufacturer of Verapol® Premium Aloe Vera Extract. Verapol Premium is a recognized, natural and stabilized aloe extract powder that contains all of the active characteristics of the complex carbohydrates, or acetylated mannans, found in fresh aloe vera gel.

Natural Aloe is fully vertically integrated in the production of Verapol under cGMP conditions from harvest to final product. Its specialized manufacturing process begins by manually harvesting aloe leaves from its farm and immediately processing them, assuring that only fresh, hand-washed and hand-filleted leaves are used, thereby protecting the inner-gel known for its therapeutic properties. The aloe gel is cold processed at all times and the solids isolated without any enzymatic or heat treatment. Product consistency is achieved via state-of-the-art technology that uses controlled manufacturing parameters, yielding lot-to-lot consistency.

"We are proud to have formed this alliance with RFI,” said Yaacov Berman, president of Natural Aloe. “Finding a business partner with a strong infrastructure, as well as technical and market expertise for our product line was our number one goal and we are very happy to have found this with RFI.”

“Natural Aloe’s Verapol products will complement our own product line and also become a great addition to our digestion and immune formulas,” said Jeff Wuagneux, president and CEO of RFI. “Working with Natural Aloe epitomizes RFI’s From Field to Formula model.”


Click here to check out RFI's new white paper: Contaminant Threats – Are they real? Demystifying common fallacies in the dietary supplement industry.  


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