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Matcha LOVE launches Culinary Matcha

Matcha LOVE launches Culinary Matcha
ITO EN is debuting this must-have kitchen pantry ingredient made from stoneground Japanese green tea at the Winter Fancy Food show.

Kicking off the New Year, ITO EN, the premier leading green tea company, will debut its new Matcha LOVE® Culinary Matcha at the Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, Jan. 11 to 13. With 2015 predicted to be a year of "Matcha Madness" by trend forecaster, Sterling- Rice Group in Boulder, Colo., the new Culinary Matcha is the new must-have ingredient for the modern pantry.

The finely milled Matcha powder made from shade-grown green tea leaves is traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies. Fast becoming a popular ingredient for its rich umami taste and antioxidant rich benefits, Matcha LOVE Culinary Matcha, packaged in a 100-gram tin, can be used for baking or cooking, whether for sweet or savory dishes. Also a favorite in smoothies and super drinks, Matcha is hailed for its powerful EGCG tea antioxidants, vitamin C and natural energy boost with a "calm alertness".

"With more people falling in love with the vitality of matcha, our Culinary Matcha makes it easy for home cooking," says Rona Tison, senior vice president of corporate relations. "Aspiring cooks can now enjoy the purity of the entire green tea leaf in a variety of recipes, both traditional and new."

Rich in L-theanine, the amino acid necessary to create what scientists and renowned chefs refer to as umami synergy, matcha generates new layers of amplified flavors with a sweet lingering taste sensation. Bold and rich in flavor with an herbaceous finish, a little matcha goes along way.

The new Culinary Matcha joins the Matcha LOVE's line of ceremonial matcha powder and convenient on-the-go "no fuss" Matcha drinks, available in unsweetened and sweetened. Taking a modern take on an ancient ritual, the innovative Matcha LOVE line is making its way into the urban lifestyle for its fresh authentic taste and restorative powers.

Also being introduced are Matcha LOVE Teabags, a special blend of premium quality green tea leaves and 100 percent Matcha. The teabags will be available in 10 individual envelopes in small compact carton. The Culinary Matcha will retail for $19.95.

Matcha LOVE is available in specialty food stores, natural and mainstream markets nationwide. For more information please visit or


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