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Health journalist Bill Sardi launches daily radio program

Health journalist Bill Sardi launches daily radio program
Sardi says most doctors are dunces on vitamins and supplements, which breeds a crying need for accurate information on proper use of these products.

Popular health journalist Bill Sardi debuts a weekday daily broadcast on KLAV (1230 AM) in Las Vegas, beginning Wednesday, April 24. The morning “Bill Sardi Health & Wealth Show” will be broadcast live (10 to 11 a.m.) and invite call-in inquiries regarding personal health questions.

Sardi, author of over a dozen health books and popular radio spokesperson for a dietary supplement company, says Las Vegas is a jumping off point and that the broadcast, which can be accessed via the internet from any location on the globe and will be archived for post-show listening, will also seek wider syndication.

Sardi, called “the dietary supplement answer man,” says with nearly seven in 10 Americans take vitamin and mineral pills in an unguided fashion, largely due to the fact most doctors are dunces on the subject, which breeds a crying need for accurate information on proper use of these products.

Sardi says walking into a health food store is probably one of the most confusing experiences in modern life.

“The fact that the biological action of most prescription drugs can be duplicated with vitamin, mineral, amino acid and herbal products and appears to be Big Pharma’s best kept secret,” he says. “In an overmedicated society, maybe it’s time to think of safer and more economical alternatives,” he adds.

He claims that some small molecule nutriceuticals derived from grapes, tea leaves and spices exhibit the biological action of over 20 drugs. “Don’t for one minute believe dietary supplements do not prevent, treat or cure disease as the FDA falsely claims,” he asserts.
Sardi was urged to start a daily radio broadcast after two appearances on the nighttime Coast To Coast radio program, with George Knapp as host, resulted in an unprecedented response. Thousands of listeners called or emailed to make inquiries about personal health issues or questions about dietary supplements, says Sardi.

Sardi is also a formulator of dietary supplements and founder of Longevinex®, a dietary supplement based on the red win molecule resveratrol that has gained acclaim for its vision-enhancing properties. Longevinex’ shipping center is located in Las Vegas.
Major sponsors for the program will be Longevinex, known as a health and wellness longevity pill, and Blucetin®, a natural hangover remedy.

For more information visit the KLAV website

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