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Watchword: GMOsWatchword: GMOs

To draw attention to the best and brightest ideas in sustainability, the Lexicon of Sustainability's Food List project defines the words that are integral to a healthy, transparent, and accountable food system. Each week, we explore a new word through artwork, films, recipes, and written works.See all Food List words here. 

Lexicon of Sustainability

September 9, 2014

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Watchword: GMOs

62 countries have mandatory GMO labeling. The USA does not. Why? @newhope360 @lexiconproject #foodlist

GMOs—or genetically modified organisms—are a hot button issue in America and other nations around the world. Despite the fact that they are in an overwhelming number of products we consume, GMOs have not yet been deemed safe for humans and the environment.

In America, mandatory labeling of items containing genetically engineered ingredients doesn’t exist. Moreover, farmers who choose not to plant GMO seeds may find them in their fields, blown in by the wind. While we wait for more thorough testing, one thing is clear: a large percentage of the population wants to see genetically engineered foods labeled.

Title: Non-GMO
Featuring: Jessica Lundberg
Location: Lundberg Family Farms, Richvale, CA

Short film: "Two Options" by The Perennial Plate

This episode from The Perennial Plate tells the story of an environmental activist, Dr. Vandana Shiva, and a farmer, Bija Devi, and their fight to preserve heirloom seeds in India amidst great opposition. Dr. Vandana Shiva began the organization Navdanya to provide support for biodiversity conservation.

Interview: Megan Westgate, Founder of the Non-GMO Project

Megan Westgate is the founding director of the Non-GMO Project, a non-profit organization offering North America’s only third-party standard and verification program for non-GMO foods. Why is GMO labeling so important? Here's her simple answer:

Recipe: Chili Cornbread by Chef Ann Cooper

When made with GMO-free ingredients, this chili cornbread redefines the term "comfort food." Make it on its own as a morning snack, or as a side to your favorite chili. 

Do you make an effort to buy GMO-free foods? How important is GMO labeling to you? Tell us in the comments below, and follow us for more on GMOs throughout the week. 

For the past three years, the Lexicon of Sustainability has sought out the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming to gain their insights and experiences on this important subject. What began as a photography project to spread their knowledge has grown to include short films, study guides, traveling shows, a book, and a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon. See more at www.lexiconofsustainability.com.

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Lexicon of Sustainability

For the past three years we have conversed with the foremost practitioners of sustainability in food and farming. They have shared their insights and experiences… and contributed their words to our rapidly growing Lexicon of Sustainability. To spread their knowledge our photography project has grown to include short films, study guides, traveling shows, a book and lastly a website where people can add their own terms to this ever-evolving lexicon. 

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