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4 seriously super superfruits

You've likely heard of them but have you tried these exotic, antioxidant-rich superfruits? It's easier than ever to find these superfruits as juices, powders, concentrated purées and supplements.


From the rainforests of Brazil, açai berries are the fruit of a palm tree. They’re similar to blueberries in shape, size, and color, but taste quite different (their flavor is often described as muddy, with chocolate and cherry undertones).

Try this: Blend açai purée with mango cubes, coconut milk, and a splash of lime juice for a healthy dessert.


Also known as wolfberries, goji berries are bright orange-red and resemble shriveled raisins. They’re tangy and sweet, with a distinct flavor that hints of cranberries and citrus. Goji’s juice is tasty on its own, so you can drink it without mixing it with other flavors.

Try this: Sprinkle goji berries over an antioxidant-rich salad of baby spinach, crumbled feta, and chopped walnuts.

Indian gooseberry

The tart, light green fruit has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. Traditionally, the fruit is pickled or made into amla (gooseberry) chutney; it’s also available in powder form.

Try this: Blend gooseberry powder into fruit smoothies; it’s especially good when mixed with flaxseed or blueberries, which help mask its slightly gritty texture.


Native to Southeast Asia, mangosteen has a reddish-purple rind with a soft, creamy white interior that resembles a lychee fruit. Its sweet flavor is a combination of banana, peach, mango, and pineapple.

Try this: Combine mangosteen juice concentrate with iced green tea and raspberry juice for a healing cocktail.

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