Sports Nutrition & Weight Management

2016 NBJ Sports Nutrition and Weight Loss Report


Nutrition Business Journal has compiled all of its pertinent sports nutrition & weight loss data into the 2016 Sports Nutrition & Weight Loss Report.

Sports nutrition and weight loss could be seen as the categories of aspiration. Consumers want to get back in shape or in better shape or just look good in a bathing suit. Some may want a performance edge, whether that’s in a triathlon or just lapping their friends on a run around the park. Others might be worried about losing that edge, using exercise and finely tuned nutrition to stay lean, strong and fast well past retirement.

This report includes:
• In-depth analysis of weight-loss supplements, sports nutrition supplements, nutrition bars and gels, sports and energy drinks and shots, and meal supplements.
• Historical market results and forecasts through 2020 of each product category by sales channels, both retail and direct.
• Analysis of key trends affecting market performance.
• Analysis of the sports nutrition & weight loss value chain as it pertains to raw material & ingredient suppliers.
• Company profiles and analyses for the top sports nutrition & weight loss companies.

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