Ingredion debuts savings calculator for confectionery

Ingredion debuts savings calculator for confectionery

New online calculator shows significant cost savings when reducing or replacing gelatin with Ingredion’s starch solution, while maintaining chewy texture and glossy appearance.

Ingredion Inc., a leading global provider of ingredient solutions to diversified industries, has launched an online savings calculator for the confectionery market. This new calculator has been introduced to demonstrate significant cost savings when reducing or replacing gelatin with Ingredion’s innovative starch solution, while maintaining the chewy texture and glossy appearance consumers expect from their indulgences. 

Ingredion introduced this calculator as a way to showcase how the company is innovating to help manufacturers address the rising costs of raw materials, as well as consumer demand for better-for-you products. Additionally, when gelatin is replaced, a manufacturer has the potential to reach consumers who follow vegetarian, Kosher or Halal regimens.

For example, a manufacturer that uses approximately 3 million pounds of gelatin in gummy candies can save up to $500,000 per year at 100 percent gelatin replacement levels. If you only partially replace gelatin, by 75 percent for example, you can still save up to $375,000 per year. Added benefits may include increased shelf life—helping to prevent stickiness and melting. 

These calculations are based on available industry ingredient costs at the time of publication. Costs for individual companies could vary from these estimates. 

“The gelatin replacement calculator demonstrates our commitment to developing cost optimization solutions for our customers while delivering innovative ingredient solutions that address top consumer trends,” said Ricardo Rodriguez, marketing manager with Ingredion Inc. “By combining our ingredient solutions with our unique capabilities in applications, sensory and CULINOLOGY®, we can help to ensure that reformulated products meet expectations, which in the case of gelatin replacement, includes nice chew, increased firmness, gel strength and glossy appearance. 



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