Baobab Foods to showcase superfruit products at SupplySide West

Baobab Foods to showcase superfruit products at SupplySide West

Organic, gluten-free Baobab Fruit Powder can be blended into juices, smoothies and yogurt, and mixed into cookie, pancake and muffin batters.

Baobab Foods is featuring the nutrient-packed baobab superfruit—in 100 percent pure Fruit Powder and in the new Fruit Cube forms—at the SupplySide West global exposition and conference, booth #24042, on Nov. 7 to 8 in Las Vegas. With its exceptional nutritional value and tangy taste, baobab is well positioned as a growing ingredient in RTD juices and teas, cereals, smoothies and nutrition bars. On display for the first time is the company’s newest Fruit Cube flavor—pomegranate.

Baobab Foods’ newest product is its Fruit Cubes, available for purchase this month. Baobab Fruit Cubes deliver bite-size nutrition in four delicious flavors: mango, strawberry, raspberry and now pomegranate. These chewy morsels are chock full of antioxidants, dietary fiber and essential nutrients. And at only 81 calories per serving and no added sugar, these fun-to-eat Fruit Cubes are the healthiest dried fruit around. Compared to dried blueberries, Baobab Fruit Cubes have 10 grams less sugar, twice as much fiber and roughly nine times the amount of antioxidants per 40 gram serving.

Leading retailers and food manufacturers are in the process of testing baobab Fruit Cubes as a featured ingredient in numerous products—as stand-alone Fruit Cube snacks, in trail mixes and panned in chocolate. These organizations recognize the exceptional nutritional value of baobab, including electrolytes, antioxidants, fiber and essential vitamins.

The Baobab Fruit Powder, an organic, gluten-free, whole food, can be blended into juices, smoothies and yogurt, and mixed into the batter of cookies, pancakes and muffins. It consists of 50 percent fiber by weight, of which 75 percent is soluble. These levels of fiber combined with more antioxidants than pomegranate, blueberries and acai help maintain a healthy digestive system.

The baobab superfruit, in its pure Fruit Powder form, also delivers:

  • Potassium—more than bananas or coconut water
  • Magnesium—one of the highest levels of any fruit.
  • Calcium—gram for gram, more calcium than milk
  • Vitamin C—six times more than orange juice.

The sustainable harvest of baobab benefits the women of southern Africa and their communities. Rural families can double their income by harvesting and selling natural products, like baobab. With this yearly income, these women are empowered to invest in their communities, purchasing healthcare services or funding education for children.

Donnie Malherbe, technical director at Baobab Foods partner, Afriplex, a leading international supplier of plant extracts, will also attend SupplySide West. Donnie leads the development and production of baobab and numerous cutting-edge plant extracts from southern Africa, and will be available to answer questions during the show.

About Baobab Foods
Baobab Foods is dedicated to introducing Americans and Canadians to the baobab superfruit, dubbed “The Vitamin Tree” by National Geographic and “The King of Superfruits” by other national publications. The company is the exclusive North American importer of baobab products from Afriplex of South Africa, a leading international supplier of wellness products and solutions. Baobab Foods markets its own line of baobab consumer products as well as Baobest baobab powder to food, beverage and supplement manufacturers for use in their own product lines. Learn more at,,, email [email protected] or call 800-682-0221.

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