Rousselot shows Synergy Systems, Peptan at Fi SA

Rousselot shows Synergy Systems, Peptan at Fi SA

Manufacturers aiming to push the boundaries of functional applications will find plenty of premium ingredients at Rousselot’s Fi South America stand.

Manufacturers aiming to push the boundaries of functional applications will find plenty of premium quality ingredients to sink their teeth into at Rousselot’s stand at the Fi South America exhibition this year. A global leader in collagen peptides and gelatines, Rousselot will be showcasing both the award-winning, scientifically proven Peptan® range and its high performance Synergy Systems™ gelatine-based solutions. Sample end-user applications will also be presented at the stand and a seminar will provide technical insights into innovative Peptan applications.

Peptan collagen peptides—highest quality, best solubility
Proven to improve joint, bone and skin health, collagen peptides are proving extremely popular in the nutraceutical, food and beverage industries. Peptan is a natural, multifunctional protein ingredient that is manufactured using a gentle enzymatic process. Ideal for clean label applications, it can be used in a wide range of applications thanks to its neutral flavor, color and odor, and is easily digested and quickly delivered to the parts of the body where it is most needed.

Peptan’s ability to enhance skin beauty and prevent the formation of wrinkles continues to be demonstrated in scientific studies worldwide. This is one of the reasons it is already used in numerous products featuring skin health or anti-ageing positioning—a sector expected to continue its rapid growth in South America.

Additionally proven to offer benefits such as muscle regeneration after exercise, increased athletic performance and improved joint protection, Peptan is the ideal ingredient for the fast growing sports nutrition market.

At its stand, Rousselot will offer samples of Green Apple Tea and other soft drinks incorporating Peptan. Ana Cristina Corrêa de Faria, Rousselot’s Brazil Applications Laboratories Supervisor, will also present a seminar on the latest technical insights in the development of new products featuring Peptan collagen peptides.

Synergy Systems—combination for enhanced taste 
Alongside its scientifically endorsed collagen peptides, Rousselot will also present its cutting-edge gelatine Synergy Systems. A combination of selected gelatines or gelatines with other ingredients, the innovative Synergy Systems offer improved functionalities which open up new textural and nutritional possibilities in the food industry.

At the show, Rousselot will showcase acid marshmallows which are produced with AcidoGel™. One of the four Synergy Systems, AcidoGel is a gelling agent developed specifically for the production of a wider range of flavors of stable acid marshmallows.


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