Salt Traders becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of rare Indian peppercorn

Salt Traders becomes exclusive U.S. distributor of rare Indian peppercorn

Parameswaran’s Special is the only commercially available peppercorn that ripens on the vine.

Salt Traders, global online purveyor of exotic salt, pepper and sugar, is pleased to become the exclusive U.S. distributor of the renowned Parameswaran’s® Special Wynad Pepper, an ingredient sought out by the world’s most famous chefs and tastemakers. “As longtime fans, we know how rare it is to get such a significant quantity of Parameswaran’s Special and we’re eager to help spread the word in the U.S. about this amazing product,” said Chef Didi Davis, owner of Salt Traders.

Peppercorns from the state of Kerala have long been considered the finest in India, if not the world. However, those organically grown and harvested in the Wynad district of Kerala by local plantation owner, Parameswaran, are particularly rare and special. While most commercially grown peppercorn berries are picked green, prior to ripening, Parameswaran allows his berries to remain on the vine to ripen completely, reaching a deep red color. While this extra ripening produces the desired flavor intensity, it also results in an extremely tender and difficult to harvest berry. They must be meticulously hand-harvested and sun-dried in order to ensure that each berry yields the distinct, rich flavors for which Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper is famous.

Parameswaran’s story began many years ago when, after experimenting with his unique harvesting methods, he brought a sample of his special peppercorns to a neighbor. The neighbor immediately recognized that Parameswaran’s pepper had a unique depth of flavor that exceeded even the finest conventionally grown peppercorns in the area and they knew this wonderful creation needed to find its way to Western markets. Before long, the name Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper was coined and, as the product reached influential chefs, critics and food publications, it was quickly hailed as the best and most outstanding pepper in the world and deemed “in a class of its own” (Cook’s Illustrated, December 2008).

Despite the growing recognition and demand, Parameswaran’s Special is still the only commercially available peppercorn that ripens on the vine. Profits from pepper sales continue to go back to the small rural community where Parameswaran and his family live and where the peppers are still exclusively grown today.

Salt Traders is honored to be the sole U.S. distributor of Parameswaran’s Special Wynad Pepper, both to consumer and wholesale customers, in both white and black peppercorns. The product is available in several sizes including the original 75 gram vacuum-sealed pouch, which makes the perfect stocking stuffer gift idea for food lovers and home cooks. And, for the first time ever, Parameswaran’s Special will now be available in bulk sizes. Bulk orders are available in 8 ounce, 1, 5 and 10-pound bags, which will be of particular interest to chefs and restaurateurs around the globe looking to bring this unique flavor to their creations.

Orders are accepted via or by calling 1-800-641-7258 (SALT). Prices range from $9.50 to $370 (USD), excluding shipping.


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