Suntava debuts purple corn masa flour

Suntava debuts purple corn masa flour

Masa flour's antioxidant level is four times greater than that of blueberries.

Suntava is pleased to announce that its proprietary purple corn product is now available as a masa flour.

As most industry professionals know, masa, a maize corn dough made from hominy, is used primarily for making corn tortillas, tamales, and other Latin American–derived dishes, but can be used in other breads and pastries as well.

Suntava’s masa flours are ideally suited for any of these preparations, and are especially appropriate for table tortillas and pre-cut ready-to-fry tortilla chips. Not only is the appearance, taste, and mouth-feel of products made from Suntava masa flour superior, the flour itself is one of nature’s healthiest—and with an antioxidant level four times greater than that found in blueberries, is one of the highest-in-antioxidant food products that can be found anywhere.

This non-GMO product is the result of a decade-long study, and when it was found to be such a versatile product so abundantly rich in potent anthocyanins, it was time to tell the story.

Products containing Suntava Purple Corn are now being found in retail outlets throughout the U.S., and as word spreads, availability will climb. Meanwhile, Suntava is launching efforts to build trust and acceptance by educating the public on the value of its product.

To order, and to find answers to questions about sales and samples, please visit the site,, for contact information.

About Suntava
For over a decade and across two hemispheres, Suntava’s founders have unlocked nature’s brilliance™, developing their purple maize hybrid—an abundant source of anthocyanins, antioxidants and natural color. Committed to sustainability, Suntava is based in Afton, Minn.


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