Think Products Reveals New 'Vitality' Branding At Natural Products Expo East

Food Branding Specialists, Addis Cresson, Comes to the Table with a Fresh Face for Think

(Ventura, CA, October, 2006) – thinkproducts, one of the nation’s largest independent natural nutrition bar maker, will reveal its new look, created by food branding specialists, Addis Cresson, at the Natural Products Expo East October 4-7, 2006 at the Baltimore Convention Center #4335. The 13-year old, $20 million a year company known for it’s #1 selling low-carbohydrate thinkthin bar in the natural channel and the thinkorganic and thinkgreen bars, has formally leveraged its core philosophy about “vitality” and the “power of nature” into a daring new identity, packaging and marketing. All three bar products now graphically reflect the founder, former fashion model, Lizanne Falsetto’s original inspiration for creating functional, pure foods that are catalysts for true beauty, strength, energy and vitality. All the newly branded thinkproducts are expected to be at retail points by the first quarter of 2007.

“think saturated the natural, grocery channels and drug channels and expanded into mass and club retailers so quickly, that we didn’t have time, really, to establish our public face,” said CEO, Lizanne Falsetto, “After my many years of being in front a camera, this is ironic, but I am proud to finally graphically communicate the essence of this brand in a meaningful and beautiful way. Every aspect of our philosophy, product, packaging and communications are now in sync. Our outside is now congruent with what is inside; after all we are an ‘inner beauty food product’.”

think’s original corporate logo, a green and yellow oval-shape with the ribbon underline has been replaced by an antioxidant cranberry red linear text-based logo in a modern sans-serif font. A stylized organic apple leaf dots the “i” of “thinkproducts.” The packaging design for the three bars is extremely clean, elegant, uncluttered and communicates the purity of the “real food” ingredients think is known for using. The background colors differentiate each product in warm cream (thinkthin); nurturing Tiffany blue (thinkorganic) and gentle sage green (thinkgreen). Each flavor skew features the predominant fruit or food flavor in eye-popping and lip-smackingly poignant cut-out styled photography. A personal message from Falsetto is printed on the back of each bar penned to connect her customers with the original intent of the brand.

Founded by a former international fashion model and now working mother of two young children, Lizanne Falsetto, thinkproducts are inspired by her faith in the power of nature and delicious pure foods that provide health enhancing benefits. thinkorganic, thinkthin and thinkgreen are “inner beauty foods” designed for those who “think “ about what they eat and are created to deliver strength, beauty, energy and vitality. think’s three products also appeal to consumers with special dietary needs because they are wheat free, gluten free: thinkthin (all natural high protein); thinkorganic (100% organic raw fruit and nuts) and thinkgreen (super food fortified). thinkproducts can be found in natural food stores, leading supermarket chains, club, convenience, mass and drug stores as well as health clubs and specialty food stores. think brands can also be purchased direct from the company at Think is headquartered in Ventura, California and their first product, the thinkthin bar, was the first of its kind created without highly processed ingredients and remains the #1 selling all-natural, high-protein, low-carbohydrate bar in natural food stores nationally. The company is the second largest privately held company in the natural food bar industry.

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