New Hope Asia Announces Pavilions for Natural Products Expo Asia 2003

(Hong Kong, August 15, 2002): Responding to requests from large Asian buyers at Natural Products Expo Asia 2002, New Hope Natural Media has established sector-specific pavilions for its 2003 Natural Products Asia event that will create concentrated marketplaces on the show floor. Pavilions for the 2003 event, scheduled for June 18-20, 2003 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, will center on five major sectors: Food, Supplements, Personal Care, Herbal/Chinese/Alternative Remedies, and Supply.

"Some buyers review our website weeks before a Natural Products event and plan their attendance and the companies they want to see prior to hitting the show floor," said Scott Griggs, Penton Media's Director for Natural Products Expo in Asia. "But many of the buyers our event attracts are at the most senior level of major retailers and wholesalers in Asia, and these people often don't have the time to review the thousands of products and services participating exhibitors have to offer. Sector-specific pavilions save large buyers time and allow exhibiting companies, both large and small, to get in front of key buyers they might otherwise not meet."

Supply Pavilion Launched

New to Expo Asia in 2003 will be a Supplier Pavilion. Geared toward ingredients and raw materials, but also encompassing packaging, labeling, display equipment, and non-food natural products, Expo Asia's Supply Pavilion is set to become a key component of the fastest-growing natural products event in Asia.

"As more and more international companies see Asia as a primary source for quality low-cost raw materials and as Asian companies modernise and require the equipment necessary to effectively package, test, ship, and present finished natural products, the Supply function becomes very important for this industry. We see Supply as a critical part of Natural Products Expo Asia and a pavilion dedicated to supply-related companies helps us to cement our position as the leading natural products supply event in Asia," Griggs added.

Full details on the product components of each pavilion are available at Companies seeking to learn more about how pavilion participation improves lead generation prospects at Natural Products Expo events and the marketing plan for Expo Asia 2003 pavilions can contact Michael Westcott, Managing Director of New Hope Asia at +852 3402 5000.

About Penton

Penton ( a leading global business-to-business media company that produces market-focused magazines, trade shows and conferences, and online media. Penton's integrated media portfolio serves the following industries: natural products; food/retail; Internet/broadband; information technology; manufacturing; electronics; design/engineering; supply chain; aviation; government/compliance; mechanical systems/construction; and leisure/hospitality.

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