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Eggsperts show off bakery applications

Eggsperts show off bakery applications
American Egg Board promotes more than 20 egg functions at the International Baking Industry Expo.

With the help of local culinary students, the American Egg Board is treating IBIE attendees to incredible desserts in booth #11737 to showcase the irreplaceable functionality of eggs. “Rather than just describe the functionality of eggs,” explains Elisa Maloberti, director of egg product marketing, “we decided to give bakery professionals a chance to taste the value of eggs in bakery applications. Because of their multi-functionality, eggs contribute in a variety of ways to a finished product. Texture, taste and appearance all benefit from the functionality of eggs.” 

Items being sampled during IBIE highlight the most common functions of eggs in baked goods: coagulation, aeration/foaming, emulsification, crystallization control and binding. (Notably, eggs perform extremely well as a binding agent in gluten-free applications.)

Daily delights
Culinary students from The Art Institute of Las Vegas will offer expo attendees the following tasting menu:

                Sun., Oct. 6                         Flourless Chocolate Torte

                Mon., Oct. 7                       Tiramisu Cupcakes

                Tues., Oct. 8                       Biscotti with Crème Anglaise Dipping Sauce

Flourless chocolate torte – Without flour in this torte, eggs are the workhorses. They serve a very basic function to give structure by coagulating and binding non-gluten containing ingredients together.

Tiramisu cupcakes – Eggs are featured in the tiramisu topping, giving it body, creaminess, and a smooth, light mouth feel as a result of their aeration and crystallization control properties. In the cake, the egg works to leaven by aerating the batter and setting the structure through coagulation in the heat of the oven.

Biscotti with Crème Anglaise dipping sauce – Eggs play a major role in the biscotti, binding all ingredients together, contributing to the crisp texture, providing the only moisture in the formulation, and contributing to the Maillard reaction. And, they star in the dipping sauce. Crème Anglaise is a custard sauce, in which eggs contribute to the thickening and coloring of the sauce.

‘Eggsperts’ will be available throughout the show in booth #11737 to answer questions about the incredible functionality of eggs. For more information on the 20-plus functions and formulas using all natural eggs, visit


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