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My latest healthy dinner shortcut

I'm never more tempted to throw in the towel and order pizza than when I've worked a long day, picked up the kids, and am faced with a half-stocked fridge and about 45 minutes before the family begins to melt down. You know the feeling. It's DINNER BURNOUT. In capital letters. Sometimes I give in. (It's inevitable.) But mostly I muster my creative spirit and start by ransacking the freezer.

Last night, I was saved from another pizza by a bag of frozen Woodstock Farms Organic Shiitake Mushrooms. I know, it doesn't sound like much! But they are delicious and it was enough to inspire a simple Asian meal. Along with a bag of frozen organic shoestring green beans, firm tofu, a little sesame oil, garlic, soy sauce, and a pot of rice, the mushrooms provided an anchor-point for a pretty darn tasty (and totally healthy) dinner, all in about half an hour. And the prep time was so minimal I was freed up to read Sheep In A Jeep to my one-year-old over and over again, at his insistence. And then we all chowed down happily.

What are YOUR healthy shortcuts? Let us know.

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