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Is your diet a social handicap?

Is your diet a social handicap?

Bacon is a touchy subject. In fact, most meat is. And I applaud my community for challenging my diet choices. The healthy lifestyle industry has taught me to more consciously consume and understand the source of my food. Was this chicken free-range? Where did my salad come from? Is this beef full of steroids and antibiotics?

So vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and celiacs (etc.)—I will always accept your meal invitations because I love learning from your educated diet habits. Food, and the source of food, is fascinating. 

But when do diets diets become social handicaps? 

I was attending a working brunch about a year ago at a well-respected breakfast spot. I loved that its menu was transparent about sourcing locally and only using organic ingredients. The restaurant even profiled the farm where it sourced their meat.

So, I felt pretty great about ordering eggs over easy with a side of bacon. Nothing fancy and definitely safe, right?


After the waitress left, the vegan sitting across from me stunned our party of seven when he said, "Nicole, if you're going to order meat you need to ask for my permission first out of respect for my diet choices."

My jaw dropped. It wasn't like I was making him eat bacon! How were my diet choices disrespectful to him?

What do you think? Is it time to rewrite table etiquette? Should meat eaters always ask permission in the presence of non-meat-eaters? Comment below.

To conclude, I leave you with a loosely related spoof about dining out. It's my favorite from Portlandia.

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