Carotenoid colors foster formulation stability

Carotenoid colors foster formulation stability

Ingredient innovator LycoRed provides eye-popping natural, non-GMO red, orange and yellow colors.

For food and beverage manufacturers, it’s a constant struggle to develop products that stand up to label-reading scrutiny while still maintaining visual appeal. Many natural food colorants lose their intensity in diverse manufacturing scenarios. But long-time carotenoid ingredient innovator LycoRed is up to the challenge.

LycoRed is promoting its line of carotenoid colors—natural, vegan and non-GMO red, yellow and orange pigments. “The colors are vivid and stable; they stand up to wide variances in pH, heat and light exposure,” said Roee Nir, LycoRed’s commercial manager for colors. “The tomato-derived red is also stable in the presence of vitamin C. The entire line is great for beverages, foods, desserts, confections, meats and much more.”

The carotenoid colors, known as Tomat-O-Red® and Lyc-O-Beta®, provide high-performing alternatives to synthetic, animal-sourced and low-performing naturals. They get a thumbs-up from the particular label-reading consumers:

  • Vibrant yellow, orange, and red pigments from natural carotenoids
  • Allergen-free, non-GMO and vegan
  • Certified Kosher and Halal
  • Approved by both the FDA and European Union

Tomat-O-Red is derived from vine-ripened tomatoes, and Lyc-O-Beta® yellow and orange shades are extracted from Blakeslea trispora beta-carotene. “We refer to them as Champion Ingredients,” said Mr. Nir. “When consumers see them on a label, they know the product is a brand champion, going the extra mile to put customer needs first.”

LycoRed will provide more information about these innovative food colorants at IFT in Chicago June 21 to 24. Visit the company at Booth #416, or learn more at

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