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Sensient rolls out Sensations flavor range

Sensient rolls out Sensations flavor range
From chicken to ice cream, Sensient showcased solutions for myriad food applications at FiE.

At Fi Europe, Sensient Flavors demonstrated its comprehensive flavoring expertise. The company’s combination of knowledge, creative skills and proprietary technologies results in innovative products, many of which were available to sample at the exhibition.

Tea made from double-coated flavored leaves was the perfect accompaniment to Madeleines with nonstick, “clean cut” coatings. For the beverage industry, naturally flavored energy drinks addressed new target groups. And for sweet indulgence, low-fat ice cream rippled with low-fat caramel sauce is nutritionally superior without sacrificing the creamy mouthfeel for which ice cream is so loved. Confectionery with flavored fruit sauces, authentic botanical extracts and selected inclusions provided inspiration for visitors, too. With regard to the savory segment, Sensient Flavors introduced the product line Sensations and showcased solutions that combine pleasure and a healthy diet.

Sensient Flavors’ Sensations flavor range is designed to enhance savory applications with unique and authentic taste profiles. The flavors have been developed by Sensient’s R&D and chef teams and are based on exclusive technologies and proprietary ingredients. The latest variant within the range is Chicken Sensations, which comprises flavors that cover every type of chicken aroma profile, from bouillon to roasted. Sensient’s Sensations flavors can be used in convenience food, savory snacks, soups and bouillons, sauces and stocks as well as meat products.

Last but not least, the company showcased different taste solutions which answer consumer demands for both health and pleasure. In salt reduction, Sensient’s approach is Sensasalt, which covers a range of technologies adapted for use with all types of savory applications. Moreover, taste enhancers based on a wide range of yeast extracts are a natural way to improve umami taste experiences. For fat reduction, Sensient’s DairyBoost range allows manufacturers to cut the fat content of foods significantly while maintaining the taste, texture and mouthfeel of full-fat versions.



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