AKFP Pea Fiber Is Label-Friendly, High in Dietary Fiber

American Key Food Products offers pea fiber for use in bread, pasta, snacks, nutritional supplements, meal replacements and other products in which a high fiber content is an advantage.

A label friendly ingredient, this pea fiber is made by Emsland Group from guaranteed non-GMO pure de-hulled pea flour by physical methods with no chemicals added to the process. Pea fiber provides the advantage of very high fiber content of 58%, as well as neutral color and taste, making it ideal for low calorie, low carbohydrate, and fiber enriched foods.

Its high water binding capacity also helps to enhance yield and improve structure in meat products such as hamburger, and can extend shelf-life in baked goods.

American Key Food Products is a major North American distributor of a wide range of high quality food ingredients such as starches, spices, nuts and seeds.

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