6 new products powered by Ganeden BC30

6 new products powered by Ganeden BC30

Expo West will showcase new probiotic-pumped products. Here's a peek.

Ganeden Biotech is proud to announce that six new products enriched with the industry leading probiotic GanedenBC30 will premiere at Natural Products Expo West on March 8 to 10.

Our newest partners offer a variety of fun products designed specifically for customers looking for delicious foods and beverages enriched with probiotics. From gluten-free cookies and granola bars to an organic snack bar formulated for pregnant and nursing women and many more, each product is only possible because of the unique, patented features of the probiotic, GanedenBC30.

Meet Ganeden's newest partners:

  • The Cookie Department (Booth 2996) – The Cherry Bomb cookie is for gluten-free consumers who want a great taste and a great probiotic.
  • CredibleCravings (Booth 5573) – Finally, an organic snack bar created just for pregnant and nursing women!
  • Empowered (Booth 664) – A meal replacement powder specifically for women who need digestive and immune support on the go.
  • Ruby's Rockets (Booth 1295) – All natural ice pops for kids combining fruits, vegetables and probiotics in a pop so good and so good for you that moms won't say no to seconds.
  • Udi's (Booth 3981) – Soft n' Chewy gluten-free granola bars with extra probiotics support.
  • Unistraw (Booth 5183) – Every drink can now feature probiotics! Great tasting, fun probiotic drink straws formulated for daily digestive health.

Learn more about all of the many popular foods and beverages enriched with GanedenBC30 at Booth 581. Stop by and tell us what products you would like to offer customers formulated with probiotics.


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