Emerson, ProThera expand partnership

Emerson, ProThera expand partnership

ProThera brand products will be available to Emerson Ecologics practitioner customers throughout the U.S.

Emerson Ecologics LLC, the leading provider of the highest quality professional nutritional supplements to health care practitioners and their patients for over 30 years, announced its expanded strategic partnership with ProThera Inc., an integrated nutraceuticals company for health care professionals. Effective Feb. 24, 2014, ProThera® brand products will be available to Emerson Ecologics practitioner customers throughout the United States. Although ProThera's Klaire Labs® brand has been available to Emerson customers for many years, ProThera brand products were only available in the U.S. through ProThera Inc. until now. While ProThera's direct distribution of its ProThera and Klaire Labs brands to health care professionals will not change, ProThera's decision to partner with Emerson Ecologics will allow expanded reach to complement their strong direct to practitioner business. 

ProThera Inc. develops and sells an integrated selection of nutraceuticals to health care professionals, including its ProThera and Klaire Labs product lines. The ProThera line is differentiated by an integrated approach to formulation that maximizes synergism between nutrients to avoid nutrient redundancy, maintain cost-effectiveness and encourage patient compliance. It offers versatile multiple vitamin/mineral supplements including MultiThera® and VitaPrime® complemented by focused multi-nutrient and single ingredient formulas to target patient needs while using fewer pills at lower cost. Its Klaire Labs line is well known for hypoallergenic probiotics, enzymes and specialty nutraceuticals.

Emerson Ecologics CEO Andy Greenawalt remarked, "We are excited to have been selected as a U.S. distribution partner for ProThera. Their commitment to quality is aligned with Emerson's objective to provide practitioners and their patients access to the safest and most effective products. We look forward to the opportunity to educate our customers on the ProThera brand and collaborating with ProThera to expand their reach."

"Our commitment to providing healthcare professionals with access to clinically relevant supplement formulations coupled with prompt, personalized attention has always been our top priority," stated ProThera President and CEO Dennis Meiss, PhD. "Offering expanded access to both ProThera and Klaire Labs brands through an alliance with Emerson Ecologics furthers that goal."


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