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Gilad&Gilad receives new US patent for agmatine

Gilad&Gilad receives new US patent for agmatine
Patent grants the company exclusive rights to tell healthy users that products containing high amounts of the neuroprotective ingredient support nervous system functions.

Gilad&Gilad received new U.S. patent for agmatine containing dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and foods. The U.S. patent number 8916612 (issued on Dec. 23, 2014), is titled "Agmatine Containing Dietary Supplements, Nutraceuticals, and Foods."

The new patent is a very significant and important landmark achievement for Gilad&Gilad. It grants the company a unique market position by providing exclusive rights to tell healthy users that supplements, nutraceuticals and foods which contain effective high amounts of the neuroprotective ingredient agmatine, afford neuroprotection and resilient nervous system functions. "There is an unmet need for a safe and effective supplement by millions of Americans who are coping everyday with great challenges to their nervous system health and with threats to maintaining resilient nerve functions," said Gilad&Gilad's CEO, Dr. Gad M. Gilad.

According to Dr. Gilad, there is a scarcity of dietary ingredients that support healthy nerve functions. Agmatine with its postulated shotgun-like mechanism of action is so unique, because as a single dietary ingredient it provides neuroprotection by modulating, potentially synergistically, multiple molecular mechanisms which underlie the cell's own molecular stress response. Thereby agmatine affords robust nerve resilience without unwanted side effects.

As to the question of other indications, Dr. Gilad said that "for now, there are no additional indications which are backed by clinical studies. That agmatine is touted for bodybuilding, is completely unsubstantiated and is backed by outright false claims."

According to Dr. Gilad, the company has made substantial investment in scientific and clinical studies as well as in developing its intellectual property concerning agmatine-containing products. "This patent is of considerable value to our company in providing protection to our discoveries and investments. And based on recent scientific evidence, a continuation patent expanding the scope of the initial claims to additional indications is now pending," he added.

Gilad&Gilad LLC manufactures and markets the For-Nerve-Health(TM) line of products, first-of-their-kind nutraceuticals, containing G-Agmatine® (proprietary brand of agmatine).


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