AIBMR Celebrates its 30th Anniversary

AIBMR Life Sciences, Inc., one of the world’s oldest and most respected natural product consulting firms, announced its landmark 30th anniversary of service to the industry. Staffed by Ph.D scientists and naturopathic physicians, AIBMR Life Sciences offers a comprehensive array of scientific research and regulatory services; including clinical trial design, toxicology testing for product for safety substantiation, dietary supplement formula development and claim substantiation, label review, GRAS selfaffirmation, New Dietary Ingredient Notifications and more. Founded in 1978, AIBMR has served over 600 nutraceutical companies in the United States and abroad. According to Dr. John Endres, the firm’s Chief Scientific Officer, “AIBMR works with companies committed to scientific integrity, uncompromising product quality and unwavering regulatory diligence.” Endres believes that, with cGMP regulations now in force for dietary supplements, “companies with the highest ethical standards will be the winners in this new era for the industry.”

AIBMR has recently added cGMP compliance consulting to its list of regulatory offerings. AIBMR guides supplement firms in designing, implementing and maintaining SOPs in the critical areas of cGMP compliance. “The cGMP rule is a mandate for product quality. cGMP compliance and quality assurance are inseparable,” says Richard Conant, AIBMR’s Director of Quality Assurance Services. “A program for complying with the new rule is tantamount to a Quality Assurance Master Plan,” Conant maintains. “This is what we help our clients design and implement––a robust QA plan that goes beyond simply meeting the requirements of cGMP,” he adds.

According to Dr. Alexander Schauss, CEO of AIBMR and noted industry expert, “Complying with the CGMP rule starts at the first stage of product development and continues past customer purchase and consumption.” The CGMP rule emphasizes that quality must be built into the manufacturing process and cannot simply be tested in at the end. “Quality-minded companies have always understood this,” Schauss points out. “The new rule codifies this basic principle into law as it applies to dietary supplements,” he adds. AIBMR’s technical staff functions as a third party quality assurance department, assisting with CGMP compliance at all phases of product development, manufacturing and distribution. The firm’s website is: Contact John Endres, N.D; 253-286-2888.

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