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Aristo Health Inc. To Promote Heart Choice(TM)

Aristo Health Inc. To Promote Heart ChoiceTM, A Natural Plant Sterol Scientifically Proven To Lower Cholesterol And Thus Help Reduce Risk Of Heart Disease.

Morristown, New Jersey

Aristo Health Inc., a New Jersey start-up company, focused on marketing functional foods and beverages, is pleased to announce a licensing agreement with Cognis Nutrition and Health, a division of Cognis Corporation. This arrangement allows Aristo Health to utilize and co-brand Heart ChoiceTM, a range of natural plant sterols and sterol esters clinically proven to lower blood cholesterol levels, in its upcoming products. Aristo Health’s initial plans include the introduction of a line of heart healthy AristoTM nutrition bars containing Heart-ChoiceTM, by the end of the year.

Gursh Bindra, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Aristo Health said, “Our company name and philosophy is derived from the ancient Greek word ‘Aristo’ meaning ‘the best’. Our search for the best, premium quality, natural plant sterols led us to Cognis, a recognized leader in this field and the world’s largest producer of these health enhancing ingredients. We are very excited and honored to carry the Heart ChoiceTM trade mark and logo on our new range of functional foods and beverages.”

Bindra continued, “Our arrangement with Cognis includes showcasing heart healthy AristoTM products through various promotional and advertising activities in both the trade and consumer media as well as on the Internet. For example, our products will be featured on, a consumer education web site established by Cognis to raise awareness of plant sterols and their ability to help manage cholesterol levels. This way consumers will get valuable information and learn where to buy Heart ChoiceTM containing products. This is a classical win-win situation.”

Laura Troha, Marketing Manager for Heart ChoiceTM with Cognis, said, “Cardiovascular disease remains the number one cause of death amongst males and females in the U.S., according to the Center of Disease Control. As part of its recommendations to prevent heart disease the American Heart Association advocates the achievement and maintenance of healthy cholesterol levels and the consumption of a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole-grain foods. Unfortunately many Americans do not consume sufficient amounts of these foods which happen to be good sources of cholesterol-lowering plant sterols. This deficiency can be overcome through supplementation with Heart ChoiceTM, which has a long heart health history and is natural and safe given that it is derived from those very same healthy foods. Along with a balanced heart-healthy diet and exercise, plant sterols have been clinically proven to lower cholesterol an average of 10%, without side effects.”

Due to the high-quality and preponderance of scientific evidence, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has recognized the beneficial role of plant sterols by authorizing a health claim associating them with the reduced risk of heart disease1. Not only do plant sterols lower “bad’ cholesterol (LDL), they do it without affecting “good” cholesterol (HDL) levels. The U.S. National Cholesterol Education Program also recommends sterol-rich foods to boost an individual’s LDL-lowering power.

Troha added, “We look forward to working closely with Aristo Health to raise consumer awareness of the use of natural plant sterols in the battle against heart disease. Aristo’s vision and market objectives with respect to functional foods seem to be closely aligned with ours, which is why this co-branding agreement is such a good strategic fit.”

Both Aristo Health and Cognis are well positioned to take advantage of the expected growth in the health and wellness industry, due in large part to an aging population of baby boomers. Consumers are also becoming more educated and pro-active in their selection of healthy foods. They are increasingly making choices that provide functional benefits as well as basic nutritional value and good taste.

Aristo’s growth strategy will include the introduction and rapid commercialization of a line of great-tasting products including nutrition bars, health tonics, and beverages as well as specialized combinations of dietary supplements formulated to promote energy/vitality, immunity, anti-aging rejuvenation as well as cardio-protective health.

About Aristo Health Inc:

Aristo Health is a privately held, health and wellness company, based in Morristown, New Jersey. USA.

1 The U.S. Food and Drug Administration provides the following model health claim for sterol esters:
”Foods containing at least 0.65 g per serving of vegetable oil sterol esters, eaten twice a day with meals for a daily intake of at least 1.3 g, as part of a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol, may reduce the risk of heart disease.”

If you would like more information about this press release, or to schedule an interview with
Dr. Gursh Bindra, please call 1-973-656-0022 or e-mail

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