DSEA Launches “Just Like Me” Paid Advertising Campaign

Campaign timely in view of recent negative news stories

Sarasota, Florida-January 23, 2007-The Dietary Supplement Education Alliance (DSEA) has announced a comprehensive paid advertising campaign aimed at building consumer confidence in dietary supplements.

“Just Like Me” is the campaign theme and it will be unveiled at Focus on the Future on February 1 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Sharp, smart, active people, along with notable celebrities, will be featured in television and radio spots. Additionally, when the full campaign rolls out, DSEA intends to add print, outdoor billboards and other point of sale material to support the media spots.

This past December, DSEA released a memo to the industry about the ambitious campaign. The memo stated that to be national in scope the campaign would require a $15 to $20 million effective spend. DSEA will present more information on the campaign to key industry stakeholders attending Focus on the Future and will then reach out to the entire industry to seek funding support.

DSEA will begin with a test launch to validate proof of concept of the campaign and will use about $1 to $2 million in selected test city markets. DSEA has not yet released details, but the campaign will include a specific call to action sending consumers direct to stores as well as to a web site for follow on opportunities. When consumers log on to the special web site they will receive free materials and also will be entered into a database. DSEA will build this consumer database and in turn make it available to funding participants. The large consumer base will be used as an additional tool for couponing, special product offerings by industry and more.

About DSEA:

DSEA is a coalition of industry leaders whose mission is to educate consumers, media and policymakers on the benefits of dietary supplements for optimizing health and prevention of disease, with a focus on their safety, efficacy and regulation. Its donors include nutritional and dietary supplement suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and publishers.

Since its inception five years ago, DSEA has generated millions of media impressions increasing public awareness of the benefits of nutritional supplements through its education project, the Dietary Supplement Information Bureau (DSIB). In addition to media outreach, DSEA has produced a Web site, www.supplementinfo.org, which has become a well-known resource for objective information about nutritional supplements accessed on an ongoing basis by media, consumers, health professionals and legislators.

DSEA board members include the American Herbal Products Association, The Canadian Health Food Association, Capsugel, Herbalife (HLF), NBTY, the Natural Products Association, Natrol, Inc.(NTOL), New Hope Natural Media/Penton Media, Virgo Publishing and the Vitamin Shoppe.


For information, contact Deb Knowles by phone 941-349-9044 or e-mail [email protected].

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