New Technologies & Packaging

Fine-mist sprayers
The Cosmetic Packaging Group, a division of O.Berk Company, has created a 24-410 Mini-Trigger Sprayer for the personal care, household and health care markets. A locking clip prevents spillage during shipping. These 24-410 Mini-Trigger Sprayers provide increased flow and output spray volume, and require less finger movement, the company says.

+1 908 851 9500

Pre-fab containers
Kentucky-based Linpac Materials Handling now offers pre-designed and pre-engineered sidewall configurations and height options in its line of 45? x 48? containers. All Ropak 4548 containers offer a choice of 0, 1 or 2 hinged drop doors on the 48? side, and feature four-way forklift access. They are available in seven standard height options: 25?, 33?, 34?, 39?, 42?, 48? and 50?. The 33? and 34? height containers also feature reach-through latches on the 48? side, allowing the operator to collapse the container from one side. This eliminates the need for the operator to travel around the container to collapse the sidewalls.

+1 502 863 5500

Higher-yield flowmeter
The PROline Promass, a universal mass flowmeter, promises improved production yield and consistency. The accuracy in mass flow is 0.15 percent in liquids and 0.5 per cent in gases, according to its maker, Endress+Hauser. The meter has high-frequency measuring tube excitation, which generates a faster response and tighter control, as well as repeatability on short batches and fills.

+1 317 535 7138

Square containers for food products
IPL has unveiled its Shure-Lock square container line, a uniquely space-efficient solution for packaging, protecting and displaying a wide variety of food products. IPL?s new Shure-Lock containers feature a square shape that allows retailers to maximize cubic space (a 16 per cent space savings over conventional containers) and place more products in a case, pallet or on the store shelf. These square containers are an ideal packaging solution for a wide range of products, including: deli products, prepared salads, salsa, hummus and fruit; and dairy products such as speciality and grated cheese, butter spread, and dips. The container line is available in a range of sizes: 8oz/250ml; 12oz/350ml; 16oz/500ml; 32oz/1litre; and 48oz/1.5 litre. Shure-Lock containers are food approved and meet HACCP, FDA-USA and HPB regulations.

+1 800 818 1318

Bag-maker reduces changeover time
Lemo Maschinenbau GmbH, a leading German provider of bag-making equipment, has launched a new machine, the CAPmat-Slider. The CAPmat-Slider bag-maker features a computerized, user-friendly interface and special conversion modules that allow packagers and converters to reduce changeover downtime by up to 25 per cent when changing between the production of standard side weld bags and other bag formats.

The diversity of bag types that can be produced with CAPmat-Slider makes the new technology ideal for various bakery, frozen food, snack, pet food and household applications, the company says.

+49 228 4591 425 [email protected]

Machine for flexible packaging
UVA Packaging, a leading Dutch manufacturer of packaging machinery, has become the first company to launch vertical form/fill/seal technology that applies consumer-preferred slider zippers to corner-sealed and block bottom bags. Available worldwide, the Newton 400 is capable of producing more than six different types of flexible packages. The new technology is ideal for pet food, powdered products and frozen food packages ranging from 2-7kg.

The Newton 400 utilizes Zip-Pak TD Slider technology with zippers applied across the top, ?short? side of a package in the transverse direction.? This technology makes it possible to incorporate slider zippers on stand-up packaging.

+1 804 275 8067
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