Restorative Remedies Introduces Herbal Supplements to Address Joint and Lower-Back Problems

Restorative Remedies LLC, a manufacturer and distributor of condition-specific supplements that feature unique combinations of highly effective natural ingredients, today announced the introduction of Releviate™ and Releviate Plus™. The key ingredient in both products is a highly concentrated extract of devil's claw. Based on clinical trials in Europe, devil's claw extract been shown to address joint and muscle discomfort with significantly fewer side effects than other remedies.

"While some products containing devil's claw are already available in stores and through other online sources, the quality is not assured and the concentrations of the active ingredient are quite low," states Dr. Alex Shikhman, MD, PhD who serves as Medical Director and chairman of the Science Advisory Board for Restorative Remedies. "We use a unique, patented extraction process that yields the highest concentration available of harpagoside, the active ingredient of devil's claw. For people living with chronic pain, these products represent excellent treatment alternatives."

Quality control measures at every step -- from harvest to final packaging -- are necessary to attain the high harpagoside concentration now available in Releviate™ and Releviate Plus™. Both products are also designed with the improved absorption capacity necessary to reach beneficial concentrations of harpagoside in the blood.

The two products are designed to work as a system:

-- Releviate Plus™ is formulated as a loading compound to address acute
joint and muscle discomfort for an initial two-week period. In addition to
devil's claw, Releviate Plus™ contains a highly concentrated extract of a
white peony root. It can be used for longer periods by those who suffer
from more intense discomfort.
-- Releviate™ is formulated as a daily maintenance product in treating
chronic joint and muscular discomfort and contains the high-concentration
harpagoside as the only active ingredient.

Restorative Remedies offers 40 natural supplement products in eight categories: Immune Support and Inflammation, Metabolic Pathways, Muscle and Nerve Health, Bone Support, Cartilage Support, Gastrointestinal Support, as well as Vitamins and Minerals. All supplements are gluten-free and dairy-free and packaged and tested in the United States in accordance with FDA requirements and GMP protocols, using the strictest quality control procedures.

-- Restorative Remedies LLC, founded in 2007, brings highly effective,
condition-specific products to market through its online store and through
selected professional healthcare providers.
-- The company website ( features an online
tool -- the "Personal Supplement Adviser" -- that helps customers pick the
right natural supplements for their particular health situation as
determined by a visual reporting tool and a series of questions.
-- Medical Director Alex Shikhman, MD, PhD is a practicing rheumatologist
and founder of the Institute for Specialized Medicine. He has drawn on his
years of research and clinical experience to formulate highly effective
supplements using proven natural ingredients in unique combinations and
often in the highest available concentrations.

Restorative Remedies is a privately held company headquartered in Del Mar, California. For more information on the company, its complete line of natural products and the Personal Supplement Adviser, please visit

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