Special Condition Specific Supplement Markets Package


Nutrition Business Journal’s report from 2008 on Condition-Specific Supplements Markets is a 28-page issue, NBJ that offers a breakdown of 2007 U.S. supplement sales data by condition-specific category and provides a detailed analysis of supplement, over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drug sales for the top 16 condition-specific segments, including cold/flu/immune, joint health, heart health and bone health.

In addition to the issue, the package also includes research data on condition specific supplements markets.

Chart 107 presents NBJ’s numerical analysis of the joint health products market. Included in the analysis are OTC products, supplements and prescription drugs used to treat joint related conditions. Individual supplements and sales figures presented are for 2007 total and 2007 condition specific (including growth figures). 1999 - 2007 OTC and Rx condition specific product sales are also included.

Chart 104 is a summary of 1999 - 2007 sales of OTC, Supplement and Rx products for the following 14 specific conditions General Health Cold/Flu-Immune Sports/Energy/Weight-loss Brain Mental Insomnia Mood Menopause Heart Health Joint Health Sexual Health Bone Health Gastrointestinal Health Diabetes Anti-Cancer Others Sales for all OTC products, all supplements and all prescription drugs are presented for each condition (not individual products). Total OTC Market, Supplement Market and Rx Market figures are also included for 1999 & 2000 (for comparison purposes/perspective on total market size).

All three of these products are available independently for a total of $468...but can be purchased together for an special offer price of $368, $100 off the total!


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