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Twenty-one Day Shelf Life for Fresh Sea Food From Hefestus

Hefestus, Israel, has created an advanced packaging solution for extending fresh seafood shelf life. This packaging system protects the safety and freshness of the product while retaining shape and product appearance.
Seafood and fish are highly susceptible to oxidation and degradation. Classic thermal processing methods like cooling, usually are deployed to protect and extend the shelf life of fish and fish products. Other options are to use ice — which requires special drainage and handling processes to avoid possible pathogenic contamination — or to vacuum-pack with special equipment. Although there is increasing awareness of health benefits of fish and seafood, consumers often resist purchasing fresh seafood due to its short shelf life.

“One of the problems in vacuum packaging is the resultant look and feel of the product, especially with seafood and fish that have very sensitive texture,” explains Oded Shtemer, President & CEO of Hefestus. “Hefestus’ SLB™ technology overcomes this problem, allowing seafood processors to provide consumers with fresh and nutritious seafood products that retain their natural look.”

SLB™ technology, shelf life booster, further enables manufacturers to pack fresh fish and seafood and keep its freshness, good flavor and high quality for up to twenty-one days.

Restaurants and retailers often must keep efficient fresh stock of seafood and fish, and so face high logistic and storage challenges as well as increased costs. Hefestus’ advanced packaging system allows manufacturers and marketers to transport fresh seafood products to distant destinations without any impact on product odor and appearance. “Seafood quality can change dramatically along the supply chain from the fisherman to the consumer or the restaurant,” continues Shtemer. “The bottom line with Hefestus’ SLB™ technology is fewer returns and significant savings.”

Hefestus, Ltd., specializes in providing solutions for extending shelf-life. It develops and manufactures a wide variety of standard and custom-made top-sealing packaging machines, from manual to fully automatic lines, to meet the complex packaging requirements of processors and consumers.

For further information, please contact:
Hefestus Ltd.
Ron Golan
V.P. Sales & Marketing
Tel: 972 4 6271835
Fax: 972 4 6271876
[email protected]

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