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Wallaby Yogurt Jumps On Taste Trend With 5 New Exotic Flavors

Move Over Vanilla ­ Consumers Crave New Breed of Organic Flavors

Wallaby Introduces Bartlett Pear, Dulce de Leche, Key Lime, Strawberry Guava & Pineapple Coconut

March 1, 2007 ­ While for years vanilla and other traditional fruit flavors like strawberry have moved the most yogurt in the dairy aisle, the latest numbers on what¹s selling flavor-wise indicate that some consumers have gotten more sophisticated. Instead of sticking to the conventional and safe, people are now buying more exotic and unusual flavors.

Within the natural market, for example, the top ten fastest growing items in the organic yogurt category include flavors like Maple and Mango Lime. Now five new flavors --including Bartlett Pear and Dulce de Leche -- have recently entered the cold case courtesy of Wallaby Yogurt Company, a Napa Valley manufacturer specializing in creamy, Australian-style organic yogurt.

While Wallaby is no exception -- its blueberry and vanilla flavors over time have proven to be the company¹s best sellers ­ the company recently noticed a surge in sales among its more daring flavors. For example, in Wallaby¹s nonfat line, Blackberry and Mango Lime are outselling more traditional flavors like Raspberry and Peach. Sensing that the time was ripe to develop even more exotic recipes, Wallaby is announcing its most tantalizing flavors
yet: Bartlett Pear, Dulce de Leche, Key Lime, Strawberry Guava and Pineapple Coconut (suggested retail price: $.99 for 6 oz.).

According to Michelle Kuzma, Marketing Manager at Wallaby Yogurt Company, "The new flavors might seem at first blush to push the envelope, because they¹re so different, but we see a growing trend. I think people will be delighted by the rich, creamy caramel flavor of our new Dulce de Leche and they'll fall in love with the Key Lime. Its fresh, tart lime flavor is delicately balanced by the creamy mouth-feel -- like an outstanding Key Lime pie."

Wallaby Organic is made according to the company¹s exacting standards and is available nationwide in Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats and upscale supermarkets. Made from organic milk produced by small Northern California family farms and using only premium organic fruit, Wallaby Organic is made
in small batches, using a long, gentle culturing process. In fact, their
yogurt takes twice as long to make as conventional yogurts and achieves a creamier taste without using any gelatins.

Wallaby Organic is made without antibiotics, growth hormones, or toxic pesticides and contains no artificial flavors or colors. Four different types of beneficial live cultures are also a wonderful part of Wallaby¹s unhurried process. The result of all this care is a growing line of blended lowfat and nonfat yogurts with a naturally creamy texture, delicate flavor and superior taste.

About Wallaby Yogurt Company:

Wallaby Yogurt Company was born out of an adventure that began Down Under.
It was during a trip to Australia that creators, Jerry and Faith, chanced across a deliciously distinctive yogurt. Soon after returning to the United States, their plan began to take shape and their goal now --as it was then-- is simple: to produce the best-tasting yogurt in America.

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