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3 tips to make your store a health destination

3 tips to make your store a health destination

Help your customers embrace natural living and a healthy lifestyle with these three ideas from Service Foods.

1. Make education free and convenient.
Service Foods offers customers health information at a time and place that’s most convenient for them. Health practitioners meet with shoppers in their homes and offices and will even schedule virtual consultations via the Internet.

2. Offer the latest health information.
Service Foods’ staff follows updates from the USDA and Food and Drug Administration, and the owners maintain a close relationship with natural medicine advocate Michael Murray, ND. The company posts relevant information on its website, such as a tip from a recent book about how aspirin interferes with the absorption of vitamin C. Staff uses social media to answer shoppers’ questions even after business hours.

3. Reach out to your community.
The retailer’s health professionals regularly give presentations at Atlanta businesses in which they’ll offer information about controlling blood pressure and blood sugar and even do cholesterol readings. Presentations also include cooking demonstrations and food tastings.

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