Amin Hallihan, LLC Becomes Amin Talati, LLC

Rakesh Amin, managing member of the Chicago-based law firm Amin Hallihan, LLC, one of the dietary supplement industry's leading legal groups, has announced William (Hal) Hallihan, a partner for the past three years, has left the firm effective March 31 to form his own group in the Chicago area.

Amin, LLM., R.Ph., Ashish Talati, J.D., M.S., RAC., and Ryan M. Kaiser as managing members, along with the remaining attorneys of the former firm, will commence practice on April 1 as Amin Talati, LLC.

Comprised of a proven team of experienced Food & Drug and intellectual property lawyers and litigators, all with diverse scientific backgrounds including pharmacy, molecular biology, chemistry and biochemistry, Amin Talati has extensive federal and state regulatory, intellectual property, transactional and business litigation cross-disciplinary experience to meet the specialized needs of the FDA-regulated industry.

Amin Talati helps clients safely navigate the minefield of U.S. food, drug, dietary supplement, cosmetic and medical device regulations. Amin Talati further helps companies with FTC compliance counseling and dispute resolution. Amin Talati also assists in the development, commercialization, protection and enforcement of patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. Amin Talati provides transactional services as well and can help negotiate, structure and draft various contracts and licensing agreements.

The firm is located at 444 North Orleans Street, Suite 400, Chicago, IL 60654. The main telephone number is 312-466-1033. Visit the web site – – for more information.

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