BioExx Pleased With First Runs of Protein Plant

BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. (CA:BXI 2.00, 0.00, 0.00%) has announced that it has successfully produced protein with a purity level of 82.5% from its first protein production run at its Saskatoon plant. The protein was produced from seed pressed in the BioExx crush plant and meal extracted in the BioExx pilot plant and then loaded into the full-scale extractors, with final processing in the full-scale protein plant.

The results of this first protein are excellent considering that this was the first time this equipment has been used through to final protein production. The purity also compares favorably to the first run at each of the two established third-party pilot plant facilities BioExx has used in the past months. At one metric tonne of meal input, this run was sufficiently large to confirm the efficacy of all of the full size protein equipment being used. Total yield is not measurable yet due to the protein particles being distributed throughout the very large dryer installed at the facility, which is expected on a batch run.

Initial and observable indications provide the Company with a positive view of its ability to meet its target yields from the process. The protein produced also demonstrated better color and improved density versus protein produced in pilot runs, which are two characteristics important to customers. Protein taste was benign and not noticeably different from the pilot runs which had produced the desired results.

The production team believes that further production runs will result in higher purity levels by addressing the following items that were encountered on the first production run:

1. Purity was reduced by having to wait more than 24 hours from slurry preparation to utilizing the dryer due to start-up adjustments being made on the dryer. This kind of delay allows protein to precipitate out of the solution before the final drying step is completed, thus reducing protein purity.

2. Despite thorough advance cleaning, first runs on large dryers generally accumulate construction dust which also dilutes the measured purity.

Neither of these situations is expected to have as much impact in future runs, and a normal learning curve is almost certain to further improve overall results with the goal of quickly achieving isolate quality protein. Start-up installation work and adjustments will be ongoing as BioExx runs additional trials and ramps toward continuous production. This includes final adjustments to, and testing of, the extraction portion of the plant which was bypassed on this run in favor of meal produced in the BioExx pilot plant, to allow the production team to maintain the highest level of control and diligence prior to the operation of each new equipment group. This more methodical approach has already proven successful, as every full-scale piece of equipment that was used in producing protein worked exactly as intended during the first production run.

"The BioExx operations team is very proud to have achieved such a high level of success on the very first run of the full scale protein production area. This occurred after more than 14 very long days without a break for our production managers, whose efforts went far and beyond expectation on behalf of the company," said BioExx CEO, Chris Carl. "There will be a few days of rest and then some adjustments before the next series of runs, but we are excited about moving forward. Producing this level of quality on the very first run is a landmark event, and a major milestone for the Company, and it gives us great confidence as we continue to ramp towards continuous full-system production and sale of the world's first food-grade canola protein Isolate."

About BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd.

Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, BioExx is a leading technology and industrial processing company focused on the extraction of oil and high-value proteins from oilseeds for the global food, beverage, and nutrition markets. BioExx uses patented and patent-pending technology that utilizes significantly lower temperatures than conventional methods for extracting the final quantities of oil necessary to enable its simplified and patent-pending methods for separating proteins from oilseeds. Relative to other commercial processes, the low temperature BioExx process results in comparatively low energy requirements, environmentally sound extraction and protein separation processes, and very high human food yield that cumulatively have the potential to make a highly valuable contribution to global food and protein supply while maintaining an excellent environmentally sustainable footprint. BioExx operates a commercial scale extraction facility in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, is in development stages on it second plant in Minot, North Dakota and has a mission to construct additional and larger processing facilities on a global basis. To find out more about BioExx Specialty Proteins Ltd. (CA:BXI 2.00, 0.00, 0.00%), please visit

The statements made in this press release include forward-looking statements that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. These statements relate to future events or future performance and reflect management's current expectations and assumptions. A number of factors could cause actual events, performance or results to differ materially from the events, performance and results discussed in the forward-looking statements, such as the economy, generally, competition in its target markets, the demand for BioExx's products, the availability of funding, the efficacy of its technology, and the anticipated costs of BioExx's plant construction and operation. These forward-looking statements are made as of the date hereof and BioExx does not assume any obligation to update or revise them to reflect new events or circumstances. Actual events or results could differ materially from BioExx's expectations and projections.

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