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Company news: Vitivia, Aker BioMarine, Reserveage, Pure SKN

Company news for the January 2011 issue of Functional Ingredients, including: Vitivia of Slovenia; Aker BioMarine AS; Reserveage; Pure SKN; VDF FutureCeuticals; and Bioplex Nutrition.

Rosemary extracts meet EU directives
Vitiva of Slovenia has announced that its rosemary extracts sold under VivOX, INOLENS and SyneROX brands are in compliance with the new legislation under EU directives 2010/67/EU and 2010/69/EU, which define purity criteria and application range for rosemary extracts as antioxidants. The long-awaited move of the EU to accept carnosic acid and carnosol-based rosemary extract as a safe natural alternative to synthetic antioxidants will allow food manufacturers to significantly expand their food portfolio by launching innovative products with a natural image, the company said.

Krill firm joins omega-3s group
Aker BioMarine AS has joined the leading omega-3 education initiative, GOED. Krill oil supplements have gained significant momentum over the past three years and Aker BioMarine is a primary harvester and producer of sustainable krill biotechnologies. GOED is made up of 90 businesses that comply with GOED's monograph standard and adhere to a code of ethics in their marketing practices. These members include Martek Biosciences, Ocean Nutrition Canada, EPAX and Nordic Naturals, among others.

BioCell Collagen II earns GRAS status
The BioCell Collagen II found in Reserveage Organics' Collagen Booster has received GRAS approval by an independent expert panel. Collagen Booster is an award-winning product from Reserveage, the leading manufacturer of Resveratrol-based health supplements. To encourage collagen production, the formula is infused with BioCell Collagen II, a triad of real collagen protein, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate.

Bitter orange not linked to incidents
In November, the Journal of Functional Foods ( published an assessment of the adverse event reports (AERS) associated with Citrus aurantium (bitter orange) from April 2004 to October 2009. The article concludes that bitter orange – a natural ingredient commonly found in dietary supplements, fruits and juices – was not responsible for adverse events presented in the 22 reports received during this time period. This is the second assessment of the AERs citing bitter orange that could not establish the botanical extract as the cause of reported adverse events. “We are very pleased to see the scientific community corroborating the safety of bitter orange,” said Bob Green, president of Nutratech Inc, maker of Advantra Z, a patented bitter orange extract.

Beauty firm launches Web site
Pure SKN, a Detroit-based company that manufactures 100 percent natural cosmetics and skincare products, has launched an all-new comprehensive Web site at that has full e-commerce capabilities, as well as a blog, Facebook page and Twitter page. The site provides comprehensive information on all of Pure SKN’s product offerings, including cosmetics and skincare offerings. Pure SKN products contain professional grade ingredients that are free of parabens, talc, dyes and cheap fillers. They are vegan and gluten free, and are free of bismuth oxychloride. The company continues to pursue purity and product quality through intensive ingredient research.

CoffeeBerry products earn GRAS status
An independent expert panel has declared that VDF FutureCeuticals' patented CoffeeBerry products, including CoffeeBerry Whole Fruit Powder, CoffeeBerry Juice Concentrate Powder and CoffeeBerry Forte Soluble Concentrate, are deserving of GRAS status for use in food products. CoffeeBerry is a registered trademark for a line of proprietary, patented antioxidant-rich products derived from the whole fruit of the coffee plant, Coffea arabica. CoffeeBerry is kosher and GMO-free; organic versions are also available.

Manufacturer aces GMP audit
Bioplex Nutrition of Washington, a manufacturer of dietary supplements, including a variety of protein supplements, scored 98.7 percent on a recent third-party audit of its Good Manufacturing Practice and Food Safety Systems. Bioplex Nutrition started manufacturing, packaging and wholesaling whey protein products in 1998, and moved into a new 16,000-square-foot manufacturing and warehousing facility in Blaine, Washington in 2009. Bioplex Nutrition now offers a wide array of dietary supplements.

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