Health-Giving Bread from "Zhitnitsa" Flour Available in Bashkortostan

PAVA started shipping wheat protein and vitamin rich flour "Zhitnitsa" to the republic of Bashkortostan. Main consumer of the new grade of flour is one of the major bread and confectionary manufacturer in the region.

According to PAVA's representatives, prior to introducing the protein and vitamin rich flour into the production the partner's local technologists tested the product. "Zhitnitsa" is used as a standalone product for making bread products within "Zdorovie" product range.

Modern production technologies make it possible for the protein and vitamin rich flour to maintain all healthy components contained in the wheat grain that are extracted from the flour of traditional grades. "Zhitnitsa" is rich in protein, vitamins PP, E and B vitamins as well as iron. Due to such rich content it can be used for the production of therapeutic and prophylactic bread products with no additional components. Products made with this flour are ideally suited for those who watch their weight or stick to a diet.

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