Nordic Naturals, Professional Exclusive, Introduces ProOmega-D Liquid

Combining a High Omega-3 Fish Oil Concentrate with Essential Vitamin D

Watsonville, CA (February 20, 2007) Nordic Naturals announces the introduction of its professional exclusive ProOmega-D Liquid. This new high omega-3 fish oil concentrate, rich in added vitamin D, was formulated specifically to address documented health benefits received from high EPA and DHA as well as concerns about vitamin D deficiencies in the body. In this day and age, such deficiencies are all too common, often caused by a lack of exposure to the sun, an overuse of sun block and limited dietary choices.

“Recent research indicates that most Americans have too little vitamin D to maintain optimum health,” says Dr. Douglas MacKay, Nordic Naturals Research Coordinator. “Moreover, the Council for Responsible Nutrition has reported that up to 75% of the U.S. population is deficient in the important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. Given that fish oils and vitamin D are optimally absorbed simultaneously, ProOmega-D Liquid is a perfect supplement for practitioners to recommend to their patients.”

Each teaspoon of the lemon-flavored liquid provides approximately 3,000 mg of the important omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA, generously fulfilling the daily recommendation by ISSFAL of a minimum of 600 mg per day. The American Heart Association recommends 2000-4000 mg of combined EPA and DHA for documented coronary issues. Each serving also provides 400 I.U. of vitamin D3, which is 100% of the recommended daily value of vitamin D for adults and children over four years of age. Nordic Naturals vitamin D is based on 100% natural cholecalciferol sourced from sheep wool. Due to its natural form, cholecalciferol is easily absorbed and utilized by the human body.

Vitamin D has long been known for its important role in regulating the body’s levels of calcium and phosphorus, as well as in increasing mineralization in the bones. Research shows that adults with lower levels of vitamin D tend to incur more bone fractures than those with higher levels. ProOmega-D Liquid provides the essential nutrition needed to prevent injuries and strengthen, balance and heal the body, from the inside out. For more information about important research on vitamin D and EFAs, visit

All Nordic Natural products are third party tested and manufactured in their own facility in Arctic Norway. All of their products are processed in a 100% oxygen-free environment and purified using the cutting-edge technology of molecular distillation. Additionally, the essential fatty acids are maintained and delivered in their original triglyceride form, the form in which EFAs occur naturally in food and in the human body.

Exceptional taste, freshness and purity make Nordic Naturals the world leader in omega-3 fish oils and EFA blends. The company offers a professional exclusive line of fish oils liquids, capsules and children’s chewables to healthcare professionals. For more information, please visit or call 800.662.2544.


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