Ochiltree Appointed ECONET CEO and Vice Chair, Hall Retires

Lacey, WA – ECONET, Inc., the parent company for Unigen USA, Aloecorp International and Univera Life Sciences, Inc. announces the appointment of Stuart Ochiltree as Chief Executive Officer and Board of Directors Vice Chair, effective immediately. Derek Hall, CEO and Vice Chair since 2004, is retiring from this position, but will continue as a Board Director.

The Board’s appointment of Mr. Ochiltree brings tremendous continuity and depth of organizational experience to ECONET. Mr. Ochiltree will continue in his current position as Univera CEO and hold the two positions concurrently.

Mr. Ochiltree, who joined ECONET in1999, has worked closely with owner and Chairman Bill Lee to develop the strategy and business model for the company’s global growth. Mr. Ochiltree joined ECONET after semi-retiring from a successful career which concluded at Avon as CEO and President Avon Direct Sales.

“When I met Bill we were searching for the same thing—excellence. The timing in my career gives me a special opportunity to save the best for last and to create a legacy that will endure,” said Mr. Ochiltree. In addition to being co-founder and CEO of Univera, Mr. Ochiltree also served for several years as ECONET’s Chief Cultural Officer, helping to develop and integrate the company’s commitment to building a strong global culture rooted in caring— for self, for nature, for the world and for community.

“Stuart has been a key partner in the development and growth of ECONET,” said Mr. Lee. “His business acumen and depth of experience in building solid global growth is a tremendous asset as the ECONET accelerates growth to fulfill its mission to bring the best of nature to humankind.”

Mr. Hall, CEO and Vice Chair since 2004, who has been instrumental in the rapid development and dramatic growth of the ECONET family of companies, said he, “looks forward to spending more time with family, especially our 17 grandchildren, and slowing down my business activities for a period of time.”

“Derek’s contribution to ECONET has been tremendous, and his leadership was instrumental to building the foundation for the growth opportunity we have today. I look forward to continuing to work with him through the Board of Directors, and wish him well as he takes this opportunity to spend more time with family,” said Mr. Lee.

About the ECONET Family of Companies
Unigen USA, Inc. (www.unigenusa.com) is a leading research and development company and proprietary ingredients supplier of therapeutic botanicals for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries. Aloecorp International (www.aloecorp.com) is the world’s leading vertically integrated fine ingredient Aloe vera manufacturer and supplier focused on scientific methodology and procedures which guarantee product quality, purity, potency and biological activity supported by published, peer-reviewed studies. Univera Life Sciences, Inc. (www.univeralifesciences.com), is the world’s leading relationship marketing company focused on cell renewal products with full-scale genomic and biological research capabilities unmatched in advanced research, technology and manufacturing capabilities.


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