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Vermont Soapworks Announces the World's First Organic Shampoo Base

Vermont Soapworks has been raising the bar on natural and organic soap quality and innovation since 1992, and their latest breakthrough is the first certified organic shampoo base for the Private Label Industry. Available in two formulas - one for thicker hair and one for finer hair - this gentle hair care product cleans and conditions without chemical ingredients of any kind. Reasonably priced and designed to be used as the base for personal care manufacturers and brand managers to create their own customized organic shampoo, Certified Organic Shampoo Base is offered in bulk in 50-gallon drums and 275 gallon totes.

Vermont Soapworks was one of the first companies to gain organic processing certification back in 2002 and they have been busy creating innovative organic foaming products ever since. Launched soon under their Vermont Soap Organics brand, the new Organic Shampoo Base follows a series of pioneering ‘firsts’ including the first certified organic: spray cleaner; bath & shower gel; pet wash; yoga mat wash; multi-purpose nontoxic cleaner; and foaming liquid hand soap. Vermont Soapworks created the world’s first Certified Organic Shampoo in 2003. “Back then, all we had was our Shampoo Bar - a solid organic bar soap that was soothing on the scalp and formulated for thin hair and for making fine hair thicker,” notes Larry Plesent, the company founder and President. Plesent continued his quest for the perfect natural Shampoo Gel Base, testing dozens of formulas and variations. “To make a viable liquid organic shampoo base, we needed to adjust not only our formulas, but also our batching process and manufacturing techniques,” Pleasant says.

Plesent sees his latest organic soap breakthrough as a bulk organic ingredient to supply to other leading manufacturers. “We can sell it as an unscented base, or we can blend and formulate to suit their specific needs here,” says the ‘Soap Man,’ whom recently directed a major expansion at the factory in Vermont to create capacity for the new product. “We offer the same services for this new product as we do with our other organic personal care products,” adds Plesent. “We can fill and label your product at our organic facility in Vermont or provide the foaming base so you can do it at yours.”

Different hair types require different shampoos, and that is why there are dozens of different formulas at most stores. “We are not attempting to market the ultimate product for every hair type,” says Plesent. “Our job is to provide formulators and marketers with the most effective backbone formula that they will then add their botanicals, scent and magic to,” Plesent explains.

One of the keys to the breakthrough is the new proprietary blend of organic olive, jojoba and coconut oils with organic vegetable gums, glycerin, organic aloe, and rosemary extract. “We have been experimenting with different combinations of shampoo ingredients and botanicals for nearly two decades, so, this has been a long time coming,” says Plesent, who’s company already supplies leading personal care companies with a wide variety of ingredients and private label products. “When you do business with Vermont Soapworks you benefit from our 18 years of experience in soap making, and our early pioneering efforts in the birthing days of organic personal care,” says Plesent. “We are in it for the long haul and if you don’t do well, we don’t do well.” To request samples of the Organic Shampoo Base, email

Larry Plesent started Vermont Soapworks in 1992 after experiencing severe skin problems from the cleaning chemicals used by his window washing company. He began researching healthy alternatives for himself and the many people like him that are sensitive to detergents and other synthetic ingredients. Vermont Soapworks has grown from a two person operation in 1992 to the largest manufacturer of handmade organic bar soap in North America, selling products in more than 2,500 stores nationwide. “We think of ourselves as molecule herders, rather than molecule torturers,” says Plesent. “Our job is to help the molecules follow their nature and that is what makes us a different kind of company.” Vermont Soapworks also operates a Discount Factory Outlet Store that features an Antique Soap Museum, factory tours and demonstrations. For more information, visit or call 1-866-SOAP-4U2.

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