VitaminSpice Signs Co-Marketing Agreement With Christina Pirello

VitaminSpice (VTMS 0.19, 0.00, 0.00%) (German WKN: A0YE4L) ( ) has announced that it has signed an agreement with Christina Pirello, Emmy-Award winning host and chef, who has the longest-running healthy cooking program that airs nationwide in over 200 markets. The agreement between the companies will include e-commerce and co-marketing of the Christina Cooks and VitaminSpice Brands. This will include website, email distribution, and traditional sales and marketing channels.

Christina is a nutritionist, who testified before a US Senate Subcommittee on dietary guidelines for 2010. She is the author of 5 best-selling books published by the Penguin Group. Christina has appeared on numerous television programs including The Other Half with Dick Clark, The CBS Early Show and The Food Network. She has also been featured in Newsweek, Prevention, First For Women and is a regular contributor for Vegetarian Times and Natural Health Magazine.

"Anyone that has met Christina knows that she is living proof of the benefits of healthy living and good nutrition. I am very excited about working with Christina on the creation of new VitaminSpice Product lines that will be brought to the market," stated, Edward Bukstel, CEO VitaminSpice. He went to further state, "We already have interest from several significant food and ingredient manufacturers. I am excited about moving forward with Christina, her company, and the talented team of good people working with her."

Christina Pirello stated, "I see a lot of products; products that make health claims ... and many are dubious at best, but VitaminSpice had me at 'hello.' Delicious, deeply, richly flavored spices with the added benefit of the nutrients essential to our health. It's the best idea since sliced bread, and Ed Bukstel, the genius behind this brilliant line of spices is one of the most passionate, committed health advocates working in the food industry today. I am thrilled and proud to join forces with him to help America spice their way to better health." See

About VitaminSpice

VitaminSpice is uniquely positioned between the $100 billion health food/vitamin supplement industry and the multi-trillion-dollar traditional food industry. A pioneer in the emerging foodceutical industry, VitaminSpice sells vitamin-, mineral- and antioxidant-infused spices and food products. Their offerings include Crushed Red Pepper, Ground Black Pepper, Italian Seasoning, Ground Cinnamon and Granulated Garlic. A proprietary micro-encapsulation process keeps vitamin properties locked inside, even when heated, allowing the food products to retain their full flavor.

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