Naturally Improved Health and Well-being with Nordic Superfruit Extract

Phytonutrients are specific compounds extracted from plant material. They occur naturally in a large variety of vegetables and fruits and have proven beneficial effects on health and personal well-being. Extending its innovative NutriPhy® range of phytonutrients, Chr. Hansen now launches a well-documented, standardized phytonutrient called NutriPhy® Lingonberry 100. It is a spray-dried free-flowing extract of Vaccinium vitis-idaea L. — better known as lingonberry — with multiple benefits.

Powerful antioxidant content
“Lingonberries are small but their beneficial properties are indeed noticeable,” said Chr. Hansen’s Celine Aubert, Technical Industry Manager, Dietary supplements, Color Division. “The exceptional richness of NutriPhy® Lingonberry polyphenols places this berry among the most powerful antioxidant ingredients offered in the marketplace. NutriPhy® Lingonberry is standardized to a high level of procyanidin A-type, which contributes to anti-adhesion activity against bacteria,” Celine Aubert continued.

Good for the skin, the immune system and the heart
Clinically tested in a unique in vivo study and thanks to a synergistic effect of its active nutrients such as proanthocyanidins (PACs), flavonols, phenolic acids and anthocyanins, NutriPhy® Lingonberry has proven efficient against oxidative stress (anti-age effect), inflammation and cardiovascular risks.

Due to its richness in A-type PACs, NutriPhy® Lingonberry may also have beneficial effects concerning anti-adhesion activity against bacteria like those responsible for urinary tract infections, UTIs.

“A premium quality product, NutriPhy® Lingonberry has a standardized, high level of active molecules with substantial benefits,” explained Chr. Hansen’s Lionel Schmitt, VP, Commercial Development, Color Division. “Everyone can benefit from these properties but this phytonutrient product has a direct appeal to women and seniors.”

Wild berries from Scandinavia
“One of the challenges with lingonberries is the availability of the raw material,” said Lionel Schmitt. “NutriPhy® Lingonberry polyphenols are carefully extracted from berries sourced from Scandinavian countries, and we have established a strong partnership network to secure sourcing of only the highest quality wild berries. Chr. Hansen has full traceability in the process to make sure that both customers and consumers get the required level and quality of active ingredients.”

Extension of the NutriPhy® range
NutriPhy® Lingonberry is the latest product in the Chr. Hansen NutriPhy® phytonutrients range launched in 2007. NutriPhy® raw materials from nature are carefully selected for their specific properties to support health and well-being. The NutriPhy® range includes Natural Carotene, Customized mixed carotenoids, Lutein, Lycopene, Bilberry Polyphenols, Red Grape Polyphenols, White Grape Polyphenols, Red Cabbage Polyphenols, Blackcurrant Polyphenols, Cranberry Polyphenols, Curcumin, and Chlorophyllin.

The global market for dietary supplements experiences growth rates of 5%, and in some emerging markets in e.g. Eastern Europe growth rates are as high as 17% (Nutrition Business Journal).

Chr. Hansen is launching NutriPhy® Lingonberry in Europe and the US and will be showcasing at:
• Supply Side West 2008, Las Vegas, October 22-24 (booth # 25083)
• Health Ingredients Europe 2008, Paris, November 4-6 (booth # D008).

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