Polyphenolics debuts condition-specific extracts

Polyphenolics debuts condition-specific extracts

Those attending this year’s SupplySide West to discover the most exciting breakthroughs in science-based functional ingredients, should definitely plan to stop by Polyphenolics booth #12078. Polyphenolics is expanding its line of condition-specific extracts, offering formulators new ways to help Americans improve their health.

The main attractions at the Polyphenolics booth will be:

  • New MegaNatural-Red Wine Grape Extract with trans-Resveratrol.Just 200 mg of this extract provides a matrix of actual grape/wine phenols with approximately 50 to 60 times more trans-resveratrol in its active form than one glass of red wine. “Trans-Resveratrol continues to attract consumers with its continued media attention and expansion of its science for human clinicals, which study a variety of issues from maintaining healthy nitric oxide levels in the body to healthy aging,” comments Anil Shrikhande, Ph.D., president of Polyphenolics.
  • Sampling of a new beverage application for MegaNatural-BP.“Polyphenolics’ recently sponsored research of MegaNatural-BP in a low-calorie beverage permits blending lifestyle with maintenance of healthy blood pressure within the normal range,” says Shrikhande. He adds that once manufacturers create juice, water, coffee and other beverage lines incorporating MegaNatural-BP, consumers may have an opportunity to routinely and conveniently consume a beverage that may help maintain their blood pressure.
  • New MegaNatural-GL for blood sugar control.Since grape seed extracts are strong antioxidants, several variants of its composition can be developed for oxidative conditions for blood sugar management. “Polyphenolics’ strong science background and knowledge provides another major breakthrough in maintenance of normal healthy glucose levels in the blood through improved sensitivity of insulin,” Shrikhande explains. Polyphenolics has two studies which demonstrate glucose management.


SupplySide West takes place Nov. 14 and 15 at The Venetian in Las Vegas. Visit Polyphenolics’ booth #12078 to learn more about these new products and sample a tasty product application. You may also schedule an appointment with Polyphenolics professionals by going to polyphenolics.com.




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